Bed & Breakfast: How to Attract New Guests

With so many inns and B&Bs out there, offering something unique that would distinguish you from the competition is really a challenging task. Also, as the demands of guests continue to rise, those providing accommodation need to do everything they possibly can to attract new guests and keep the old ones coming back.

Long gone are the days when a clean room and preferably a nice curb appeal; were enough for travellers to choose where to stay. The way the guests are treated, the food and amenities are now also among the most important criteria, when people choose their accommodation.

The more effort you put in providing a memorable experience for your guests; the better chances of them sharing their thoughts and feelings on social networks; which might be a fantastic way of promoting your establishment. So, what are the most important elements when it comes to attracting new guests to your B&B?

Attract New Guests

How to Attract New Guests for Your Bed & Breakfast

Relationship with guests

Each guest wants to feel welcome and if you inquire about their names, dietary restrictions and other special requests before they even arrive; you’ll be showing them that you sincerely care about them. Greeting them in a friendly and polite tone is also important; because you should make sure they feel at home during their stay.

The first impression is another aspect you need to consider. Hopefully, there is a nearby parking lot, enough light in front of the house for those arriving after dark and you should make sure that the entrance is clean and clutter-free.

The faster your check-in procedure is, the better your guests will feel. Don’t forget to give them a tour and let them know about the available amenities, appliances and policies. You can also have a booklet waiting for them with all the necessary information they need and perhaps some suggestions for dining out or excursions.

Finally, you can expect some guests to arrive early or late; which means you need to have a procedure in place for such cases. It would be a great idea to have a storage room, where your guests could leave their bags for a couple of hours before they check-in or after they’ve checked-out.

Attract New Guests

Marketing your establishment

You want people to create a very positive image of your B&B and let as many people know about it as possible. In order to achieve that, you need to constantly improve your service and develop positive relations with guests and businesses, while at the same time using all available advertising tools.

In order to succeed, you need to find that unique something that only you can provide and let people know about it. You should build your brand by developing an attractive logo and designing an informative and easy-to-use website. Needless to say, you need to be present on all social media platforms, since people nowadays turn to them for advice and recommendations.

Networking is also a great idea, since you get to meet new people, spread the word about your business and establish some important business contacts. Just make sure you attend the right events in the area where you live or even outside the borders of your country, if you feel it might be beneficial.

Attract New Guests

Equipment & Maintenance

Maintenance goes well beyond simply keeping your establishment clean. Apart from regular chores and cleaning duties; you need to make sure you choose the right type of furniture and equipment as well to attract new guests. It goes without saying that you’ll need comfy beds and chairs, proper kitchen appliances, as well as decent cutlery and crockery. Also, since many people are particularly sensitive to the amount of noise and temperature in the room; you might want to look into possible improvements to this end. For example, these Perth-based double glazing experts offer windows that both reduce the noise and keep the temperature at the perfect level. Adding indoor plants in another great idea to this end.

Maintenance requires more than one person; so make sure that you have enough people around to help you and that they get clear instructions about what is expected from them. Your job is to establish an efficient daily and weekly schedule; so that everyone can refer to it in case they are not quite sure about what their duties entail.

Attract New Guests

Running a B&B is definitely not easy, but everyone doing it will tell you that there are some great benefits. However, in order to attract new guests in the increasingly competitive market; one really needs to put a lot of effort and time into running such an establishment properly.

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