There Isn’t a More Beautiful City in Asia than Hong Kong at Night

For some reason, everyone seems to want a piece of Hong Kong. This supported by the fact Hong Kong hosts more consulates than any other country in the world. It’s one of the most visited cities given its age-old synthesis of ancient and modern cultural fusions. Other than these, there are more reasons why there isn’t a more beautiful city in Asia than Hong Kong at night.

Hong Kong at night

Nature and man-shaped skylines

The city is a mosaic of human-made and natural marvels. A drive into the cosmopolitan center gives way to a skyscraper-dotted skyline – gloating its architectural prowess. It has more tall buildings than any other country – many of which are made of concrete using Chinese bamboo scaffolding. Note that this breed of bamboos is two times as tough as pure steel. Therefore, describing it as a city where the concrete jungle meets the bamboo jungle isn’t a far-fetched analogy.
Hong Kong CBD

Hong Kong at Night

About 20 minutes drive from the heart of Hong Kong’s modern sophistication, toward any direction; there opens up a tropical paradise. This is a well thought out rural-urban planning strategy that’s meant to provide her with a unique blend of city and country life. While the skyscrapers stand side by side with lush green hills and occasional valleys, streams, and rivers teeming with an assortment of bird and aquatic life; the countryside peaks into vast vistas. Sunrise and sunset moments in Hong Kong are breathtaking whether you are standing on vantage point altitudes to have a clear bird-eye view of her coastlines or visiting it’s Disney-sized amusement parks. Note that 40% of Hong Kong’s total landmass fall under protected parks.
The city is subsequently unique because you can switch from a breath-taking rural site to chains of modern shopping malls and world-class restaurants that serve exotic dishes from an array of Asian cuisine cultures. This is where you can choose to drive or stroll along the coastlines; as you watch pink dolphins break dance mid-air before jumping into any water sport of choice. This could be before or after a Hong Kong massage in beauty parlors, with services designed to put you in a holiday mood.
Hong Kong Harbour

Ingenious safety precaution

Another thing that makes the Asian city unique is the approach toward social vices such as street mugging. Besides having an efficient team of law enforcement officers; the streets are well lit and equipped with watchful cameras that are on high alert 24/7. Her ingenious war against crime, however, hinges on her cash-free economy. The Octopus card enables you to pay for accommodation, transit fare, meals and entertainment in any of the fun-bobbling nightlife spots.
This is one of the cities where sea, air and road travel are merged into an efficient transport organ. Visit any of its historical sites, camping areas, animal parks and dine in the middle of the sea; as you watch cruise ships glide by in a fascinating mix of man-made and nature-fortified beauty. Her fame as a global business capital can easily transform you into a business traveler of note; as there is always a business opportunity up for grabs in Hong Kong.

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