B&B Hosting Tips: Creating a Splendid Outdoor Space

Bed and breakfast venues often don’t have spacious yards and outdoor retreats, but if you have at least some outdoor space, you can definitely do something about it. If your place is more spacious, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. There are ways to transform a tiny backyard into an outdoor extension which makes your B&B hosting look more inviting.

B&B Hosting,Breakfast with a view,Arbe,Croatia
Breakfast with a view, Arbe, Croatia: Photo on Flickr by Alessandro Caproni / CC BY 2.0

B&B Hosting Tips For An Amazing Outdoor Space

Create mood lighting

As an often underrated element that can completely transform your entire outdoor space, mood lighting comes in many forms. White stringed lights can be draped on the edge of a low fence or on a nearby trellis or pergola. You can also hang candle lanterns from the deck ceiling. Or even arrange them on tables to provide a soft, cosy glow for your guests. The same can be done with paper lanterns.

Repurpose vintage materials

The worn-in look of repurposed materials can give off a very expensive vibe. Infuse your outdoor guest space with an air of vintage luxe by using old bricks or reclaimed wood for patios, decks, doors and furniture. Beams and doors from old barns that are being torn down can be salvaged for free or next to nothing. Old kitchen furniture can also be upcycled into something brand new for the outdoors.

Anchor the seating area

B&B Hosting,Paquachuck Inn, Westport Harbor, Maine
Paquachuck Inn, Westport Harbor, Maine

Until recently, mass-market outdoor rugs were a scratchy and cheap option of covering patios and verandas. These days, however, you can find luxurious, comfortable designs that can withstand both the elements and mould, while looking attractive. Plus, there’s hardly a better way of defining and zoning an outdoor sitting area than an interesting outdoor rug.

Add a water feature

Contrary to popular belief, a water feature doesn’t have to be a large investment and a cash drain. A simple water feature such as a bubbling urn or patio fountain kit can cost several hundred dollars and take less than an hour to install. Even if your space is narrow or limited, a simple, wall-mounted feature that pours water into a narrow through can be a good small garden water focal point.

Invest in a pool

B&B Hosting, Rooftop Swimming Pool at the Langham, Hong Kong
Rooftop Swimming Pool at the Langham, Hong Kong:

Why stop at a fountain? The ‘water feature’ that will really make your B&B hosting competition blush in envy is a nice outdoor swimming pool. Apart from adding an instant boost of appeal to your property, in-ground swimming pools are an excellent investment for B&Bs, as a place for your guests to relax and stay cool during warm months. As for the choice of materials, installing fibreglass pools is probably the way to go, as they are affordable, easy to maintain, while special gel coats will protect them against bacteria and algae growth, UV damage and fading.

Build a fire pit

Contrast the water feature in your outdoor guest space with a fire feature like a simple design brick fire pit. For only a few hundred dollars and a little work, you can have the perfect place to circle round in late evenings. Alternatively, you can use flagstones for their design and match them nicely with a wall feature you may have in the yard. In some cases, a simple propane fire pit with gravel is a more convenient solution, especially if you value your time chopping wood and bringing it in.

Use planting containers

Don’t bother if the soil in your backyard doesn’t suit the lush oasis you’ve planned for it. Instead of wasting time trying to ameliorate it; buy some attractive posts and planters which you can move if needed to make room. Mix sizes and styles as you’d group tall and short plants. Colourful annuals will thrive in sunny spots the same as herbs and pot vegetables. Even a small tree like a Japanese maple can be a great potted decorative element.

Don’t forget the entry

B&B Hosting,Cliff Crest Bed & Breakfast, Santa Cruz, California,usa
Cliff Crest Bed & Breakfast, Santa Cruz, California

In order to get the most splendid look for your money, you shouldn’t overlook the outdoor area that is bound to make the most impact – the front entry. Make a difference from other B&Bs in your area by laying a pathway using brick, cobblestone, or even concrete pavers, in case of choosing the latter, paint them with contrasting colours. Then, line your new pathway with inexpensive greenery and your visits will guarantee to double.

It makes little difference, 100 or 10,000 square feet – the best-looking B&B hosting space is the one that is inviting. Make it an oasis, a party zone, or just a slice of captured natural beauty and your B&B property is sure to pop up amongst the many others which view their potentially high-yield outdoor spaces just as an afterthought.

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