The Beginner’s Guide to Bali

Known internationally for its gorgeous beaches and uniquely relaxing atmosphere, Bali will leave even the most discriminating of travelers feeling renewed and replenished. Despite an ever-increasing popularity, the island has managed to retain its somewhat secluded character, especially if you venture out into the less touristy areas. But before you do that, those of you who haven’t yet set foot on this Indonesian paradise should be aware of a few basic things in order to make the most of your trip:

Bali Travel Guide for Beginners: Hotel Intercontinental Bali
Hotel Intercontinental Bali

Bali Travel Guide for Beginners

Why choose Bali

The reasons why people come here are manifold, from the gorgeous beaches to the delicious food to the unique landscapes. Indeed, Bali has a bit of everything going for it. Beachgoers, for instance, will find plenty to like in the long stretches of sand bookended by crystal clear waters, as you’ll see in places such as Seminyak and Kuta. But nature lovers are also going to fall in love with the place after they visit unique attractions like Sacred Monkey Forest and the Bali Safari & Marine Park.

How to get there

Getting to Bali is fairly easy, if a tad expensive. There’s only one international airport, Ngurah Rai, which is located in Southern Bali. Many countries have direct flights to Bali, including Australia, Japan and the United States, but, depending on where you live, you should always check with your local airlines to see what options you have at your disposal. In addition, there are connecting ferries from fellow Indonesian islands such as Java and Lombok.

When to visit

Due to its geographical positioning, Bali has a fairly even climate throughout the year, with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Nevertheless, people seeking to have an optimum experience would best be served by coming here between April and September, when humidity levels are at their lowest and rainfall is less likely to occur.

bali travel guide for beginners: Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia
Tanah Lot Temple: Photo on Flickr by William / CC BY 2.0

What to bring along

You’ll likely want to always be on-the-go when you travel to Bali, so packing light is definitely a good idea. We recommend taking loose clothing made out of natural fabrics as the outside temperatures and high humidity guarantee a certain level of mugginess. If you’re a girl and plan on visiting the temples, a sarong will definitely come in handy, but you can always rent one for a small fee if necessary. Finally, mosquitos are quite common everywhere, so having some anti-mosquito lotion on you at all times is a must.


For the most part, Bali is a safe destination for all travelers, as the locals harbor profound spiritual beliefs that forbid any form of criminality. That being said, pickpocketing and minor theft still do happen from time to time, so it’s best to take the usual precautions and keep your valuables at home. Additionally, there are a few health concerns to consider, including rabies and dengue fever, so make sure you come vaccinated and with a proper traveling health insurance in tow.

That concludes our quick beginner’s guide to Bali. If you wish to learn more about this exciting destination, be sure to peruse reputable online sources and guides in order to get an idea of what you should expect. That being said, most people who come to Bali end up being positively transformed by the experience, so maybe there are certain things that no tourist guide can properly prepare you for.

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