The Balearics: Idyllic Family Friendly Holidays that Won’t Break the Bank

The Balearics, Menorca, Ibiza, Majorca, and Formentera are renowned for their reliable provision of all things sun, sea and sand, making a balearic Islands family holiday the perfect family beach holiday that draws families from all over Europe every year. This post takes a look at why the Balearics should be your next family holiday destination.

Balearic Islands Family Holiday

Kids need a Break Too

The great thing about flying to these sunny destinations is the flight times are relatively quick and painless, so will be ideal if you have small children.

Naturally, because these islands attract lots of families, resorts and travel companies particularly Tots to Travel know exactly how to make a Balearic Islands family holiday perfect for children, gearing stays and package deals specifically for the needs of the whole family.

Balearic Islands Family Holiday

More for Your Money

Yet another bonus of travelling to this part of the world is that it’s relatively inexpensive both to get to, and to stay in. When you have children in school, it can be difficult to get away for a cheap break during the school holidays where prices always get a little higher to cover less busy periods.With a Balearics Islands family holiday, the combined cost of accommodation and travel will be substantially less than destinations further afield, but with practically everything you could hope for in a holiday.

family holiday kids beach waves

Lots to See and Do

Majorca and Menorca are islands with a lot of fascinating history as well as beautiful vistas and comfortably hot and sunny weather. It’s easy to find lots of activities that the whole family can get on board with.

From playing on the beach and taking a dip in the warm Mediterranean, to getting wild in a popular water park, the kids will be well occupied on the islands of Menorca and Majorca. There’s also lots to see for the adults too – beautiful gothic, medieval, and Moorish architecture await for magical and romantic night-time strolls in Palma and Ciutadella

family holiday Franciscan Monastery in Algaida, Majorca
Franciscan Monastery in Algaida, Majorca

Families are Always Welcome

The general atmosphere of these Mediterranean islands is one where family always comes first. Babies and toddlers are particularly welcomed in public places like restaurants – it’s generally a much more inclusive culture.

Additionally, if you have children that struggle with different or foreign food, it won’t be a problem as there are always child-friendly or UK-style food options in most restaurants and hotel buffets. The supermarkets are suitably well stocked as well, so any self-caterers will be well provided for.

As you’ve read, a Balearic islands family holiday seem to have it all, family friendliness, great food, a laid back atmosphere, lots of activities for all ages, and all at a decent price.

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