Beautiful Places to Visit Near Badrinath

The holy town of Badrinath is one of the prime locations for pilgrimage for Hindu devotees and Shaivites, who believe that taking this journey of char dham will cleanse them of all their sins. A Badrinath Yatra package will make you witness the grand splendor of Lord Shiva, which is set against the backdrop of the mighty snow capped mountains. Badrinath is widely known; however people usually don’t visit the Badrinath sightseeing attractions and magnificent sites that are present around the main temple.

Badrinath Sightseeing Attractions

Here are some of the most soothing and peaceful places to visit near Badrinath once you are done with your Darshan:

1- Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls,Badrinath sightseeing attractions,india,waterfall

Located at a distance of 9KM and a walkable distance of 6KM from Mana village; the water gushes out and falls from a height of a whopping 400 feet. There is a motorable road present up till Mana Village from where your trek towards the majestic Vasudhara falls begins. During this trek you will encounter the scenic views of the surrounding valley by the River Alaknanda. It sure is a treat for nature lovers and trekkers.

Pro tip – be sure to wear the appropriate pair of shoes, with thick soles (sports shoes), carry water, energy drinks and lozenges or dry fruits for snacking on if you get hungry while walking.

2- Mana Village

Vyas Gufa, Mana Village, Badrinath sightseeing attractions,india
Vyas Gufa, Mana Village

Popular for being the last village in India and located at a distance of 24 KM from the Indo-Tibet border; Mana village is situated at a comfortable distance of 3Km from the holy site of Badrinath. Some of the prime attractions in this village include Neelkanth, Tapt Kund, Vyas gufa among others. This village also holds equal importance and relevance as the Badrinath dham.

Pro tip – even if you are going during summer season, the elevation of the village keeps the weather conditions here cold and chilly, so be sure to carry appropriate woolen clothing items like thick sweaters and jackets.

3- Satopanth Lake

Satopanth Lake, Badrinath sightseeing attractions,india

Set among the snow capped mountains at an altitude of 15,100 feet; this sparkling blue, triangular lake is an extremely important site of pilgrimage for Hindu pilgrims. It is believed that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh take a dip in the holy water during the auspicious fortnight. The trek to this lake is moderately difficult since the way is not paved entirely; and the hair pin bends make it a bit more difficult. Satopanth Lake remains frozen across the months of October to May.

Pro tip – be sure to carry along some winter clothing essentials since the temperature here, even during summers average till 12 degree Celsius in all.

4- Alkapuri

Alankapuri, Badrinath sightseeing attractions,india

Situated at a distance of 15 KM from Badrinath and closer to the famous Mana village; Alkapuri is said to be home to Yakshas, Kuber and Gandharvas. This is the origination spot for the River Alaknanda which sprouts from the Satopanth glacier. People trek to this place not only to be a part of the spiritualism; but also to witness nature in its true form.

Pro tip – since the roads of this trek are filled with rocks, pebbles and other debris be sure to carry along a hiking stick to give you extra support and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

5- Surya Kund

Surya Kund, Badrinath sightseeing attractions,india,bathing

Located near the famous Narad Kund; this natural thermal spring is supposed to be the exact place where Sri Adi Shankaracharya had discovered the idol of Lord Vishnu. It is a widely accepted belief that one dip in this water will dissolve the devotee’s sins. This vital pilgrimage spot is considered to be extremely crucial among Hindu devotees.

Pro tip – keep in mind to carry along an extra pair of dry clothing which you can change into, after your holy dip.

6- Neelkanth Mountain

Neelkanth Mountain,Badrinath Sightseeing Attractions

This mountain is one of the major peaks in the Garhwal region of the mighty Himalayas and rises up to a height of 11,398 feet; forming the majestic backdrop for the vital Hindu pilgrimage site of Badrinath Dham. It is said that the first rays of the sun falls on this mountain before anywhere else.

Pro tip – carry light luggage along with sports shoes while trekking these routes since it is a relatively difficult trek to make.

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