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Nothing keeps you entertained during a long flight or bus ride quite like a good podcast. If it’s a podcast about the fascinating world of travel – even better! If you love travel and are looking for new travel podcast to download before your next trip, here are a few good ones that you should check out:

Travel Podcast

Zero to Travel

This podcast is for anyone who wants to enjoy long term travel and the location independent life. The host, Jason, interviews people who left their 9-5 job to see the world. He also shares a lot of great advice and resources on how to make it happen. It’s a very inspiring travel podcast that will give you a lot of great ideas.


This travel podcast has specific channels for major tourist destination cities, such as Dublin or Paris. You will learn about history, attractions, important phrases to know and much more. It’s a bit like having a guidebook with you, but in audio form.This is a great travel  podcast to listen on your way to somewhere, so that you will be fully briefed when you arrive.

Indie Travel Podcast

The Indie Travel Podcast was created by Craig and Linda, who left New Zealand 10 years ago and have been travelling ever since. They have made their way around the world and they made very interesting episodes about the art, culture and history of the locations they visit. They also cover topics like finding money to travel, making a relationship work on the road and much more.

Travel Tales Podcast

This is a humorous travel podcast about the ups and downs of travel, as told by comedian Mike Siegel. He has some pretty great tales of travel mishaps and horror stories – proving that even if it all goes wrong during your trip it will at least make for a good story.

Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves is well known as the standard of travel advice and he has an incredible knowledge of destinations around the world. There are actually a range of different Rick Steves podcasts that you can download, including Rick Steves Travel Talks, Rick Steves Audio Europe (featuring self-guided walking tours) and much more.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

This is a great travel podcast for anyone who is travelling on a small budget, as it offers great tips for getting around the world for cheap. It is hosted by Travis and Heather, who interview bloggers and travellers from all around the world. This great blog post has been on the top of the iTunes best travel podcast list for quite some time and for good reason – it’s both informative and entertaining.

These are just a few of the best podcasts on the topic of travel that you can listen to on your next trip. Do you have any favourite travel related podcasts? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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