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This blog now uses the new Gutenberg format in WordPress. This uses a “Block Editor”; so that the post consist of a series of “Blocks”. There are different types of “Blocks”, the most used are “Paragraphs”, “Headings”, “Images”, “Lists” and “Video”.

  1. To add a new “Article or Post” go to “+ New” in the top bar and click on  “Post”.
  2. First enter the “Title” – This should be a maximum of 100 characters in upper and lower case. Should not be “CAPS” throughout.
  3. After entering the “Title“, press the “Enter” key to drop down a line.
  4. To add the next “Block“, click on the +Plus icon, and select the type of “Block” you want.
  5. Then keep adding “Blocks” as required

Content – Ideally we recommend 400-600 words; with a maximum of about 1,000 words. Consider splitting very long blogs or articles (over 1,000 words) into 2 or more shorter posts.

Links – A maximum of 2 links are allowed to your blog or website. These should “Not” be in the first 2 paragraphs of text.


For images inserted into the text, optimum size is about 640 pixels width/height.

After downloading make sure your image has a “Caption” and “Alternative Text”.

Set Featured Image

  1. In the right hand margin under “Document” is “Featured Image“. Click on “Set featured image“.
  2. You can then select any of the images previously loaded as the “Featured Image“. This image will show up as the Image wherever this post shows – including “Home Page” and any “Sub Pages” where the post appears.

Other Notes

For more detailed information on “Gutenberg“, please check out the “Gutenberg Beginners Guide” or “Gutenberg Handbook for WordPress

If you require further help please email [email protected]