Is travel your other passion? Do you love writing?

We are offering you a great opportunity to combine your two passions! Go4Travel Blog is searching for fresh original Travel writers and bloggers to join our team and share your own travel experiences and tips with our growing audience of travel blog readers. We do not require you to commit to regular travel blogs; if you have one travel article in your head, or many, we want you to join the team and share your experiences by writing blogs on travel in your very own personal style and voice. Provided it is related to travel, you are free to write on any topic.

What kind of content does Go4TravelBlog need from you?

Our focus at Go4TravelBlog is to inspire and excite our readers! We want them to be motivated to rush out, book a holiday and see the world. You can do this either by writing travel blogs about your very own unique travel experiences, or by contributing travel articles about interesting global destinations; how about starting with your own home town? Do you live in an interesting travel destination? Know all the places to go and things to see? Share it all with our readers in a travel blog!

Examples of some categories of articles required:

We have intentionally given you broad categories so that you have a lot of scope when it comes to selecting topics for the very best travel blogs. Remember, the aim is to inspire by your experiences – although the facts should be presented accurately, it is the emotions in a travel blog that encourage people to want to follow in your footsteps; be sure to keep your blogs personal and fun to read. Here are some of the categories:

  • Backpacker Travel;
  • Cruise Trips;
  • Culture and History;
  • Wine and Food;
  • Just Adventure;
  • Scenic Drives;
  • Stop and Stay;
  • Wildlife & Nature.

Choose from any of these, or even something completely different, provided it has to do with travel and will encourage readers to want to experience it.

What are the benefits for you?

1. Increase publicity for your writing on a rapidly expanding forum;
2. Get the credit you deserve! Each of your travel blogs/articles will receive a authors biography, allowing you to put a link back to your website or blog, giving you complete acknowledgment for your blog or article.
3. We will also allow two links in the body of the travel blog/article; which can be to your own website or blog.
4. We will expand the scope of your writing by social media promotion at our end. To gain even more coverage you need to do your own social media promotions.
5. Where appropriate the articles will also be given a link off our other websites – Go New Zealand, Go4CarRental, Go4MotorhomeRental, and Go4CruiseHoliday
So…have we inspired YOU to write for Go4TravelBlog?

Writing and Submission Guidelines.

When you are developing your travel article or blog think about what it is that excites you the most about travelling; if your subject of choice has you champing at the bit to do it all again, it will probably inspire our readers to want to do it too; that is our ultimate aim. Make sure you get the emotions across – we want to hear what you saw and how it made you feel – be yourself and remember that the goal is to inspire!

  • Each travel article to be between 400-600 words;
  • No strict word count for blog posts; we do not want to stifle your creativity! If you have a really long experience to share, it is perhaps best to break it up into two or three posts to avoid becoming a little boring.
  • Please PROOFREAD – a few times! Minor changes may be made to your blog on travel for quality or clarity purposes. The integrity of your article will remain intact. Fixing missed spelling or grammar issues is not meant to offend you but to improve the overall quality of the article or blog.
  • People love to SEE the places they are reading about and images are very important. Attach any images you want to include with the appropriate attribution and credits included.
  • All articles and blogs to be submitted in Word document format.
  • By submitting a travel blog or article, you also agree that Go4TravelBlog can include a link from your blog or article to any of the sites – Go New Zealand, Go4CarRental,Go4MotorhomeRental, Go4Accommodation and Go4CruiseHoliday Links to these sites will only be done in cases where the articles may be of interest to people visiting these websites.
  • No payment will be entered into for any blog or article posted.

As a writer for Go4TravelBlog we require the following from you:

  • Share your blog on travel and website with others through social media, email and word-of-mouth;
  • Engage in the Comment section of your post and other travel articles on the site;

To get started, please login and start sending us your travel blogs or articles and attach samples photos so that you can join the Go4TravelBlog. We will confirm back to you once your blog or article is accepted.