How to Get an Australian Working Holiday Visa

If you’re aged 18-30 planning on travelling around Australia for an extended time and will need to support yourself during your adventure, you need an Australian working holiday visa. This type of visa is valid for 12 months and grants you permission to work legally in Australia for up to six months for each employer. While your visa is valid, you can also study for up to four months and leave/re-enter Australia as many times as you like.

Australian working holiday visa.
To work legally while travelling across Australia, you need a working holiday visa.

How to Apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa

To apply for your first Australian working visa, you need to be outside Australia when you apply for it and when the decision is made. If this is the second working holiday visa you’re applying for, you either need to be inside or outside Australia when applying and receiving the decision. You can’t apply for a visa inside Australia and then be outside the country when the decision is made.

Australian working holiday visa.
To apply for an Australian working holiday visa, you need a valid passport from an eligible country.

Collect all necessary documents and extras

To apply for an Australian working holiday visa you need:

  • Valid passport from a country involved in the Working Holiday Program with Australia (preferably valid for at least six months)
  • Certified copy of the pages of your passport with photo and personal details
  • Credit card to pay for the visa when applying online

If you’re applying for your second Australian working holiday visa, you also need to provide proof of previous employment in the form of payslips, group certificates, payment summaries, a tax return, employer references, a completed employment verification form or an Australian bank statement.

Australian working holiday visa.
We recommend using Visa First to avoid any nightmares when applying for your visa.

Present your documents

If you have no dependent children, you can apply for your first or second Australian working holiday visa online. But if you do have dependent children, you need to apply for your visa by filling out physical paperwork and posting your application or taking it in person to any Australian immigration office outside Australia.

When you’re planning on working and travelling around Australia, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about visas, too. If you’re looking for someone else to take over all the paperwork and application process for you, we recommend Visa First. This market leader has more than ten years’ experience in processing visas and can even arrange important extras for you, like an Australian bank account and tax file number.

Australian working holiday visa.
It can take 6-21 days for your visa to be approved.

Processing time

For first time Australian working holiday visas, processing time is six days. Second time Australian working holiday visas take 21 days to process. However, processing time can be longer if you’re required to provide proof of character or need to complete health checks.


If your visa is granted, you’ll be notified:

  • When you can use the visa
  • The visa grant number
  • Any special conditions attached to the visa

If your visa isn’t granted, you’ll be notified:

  • Why the visa was refused
  • Your rights, if any
  • The time limit for appealing the result
Australian working holiday visa.
An Australian working holiday visa isn’t cheap!

Visa fees

An Australian working holiday visa costs $440 (AUS) if you apply for it online. If you apply in person or via post, you’ll have to pay $520 (AUS).

Extra notes

Currently, the Australian working holiday visa is only available to people aged 18-30 (inclusive). However, the Australian government is considering extending the upper eligible age from 30 to 35. That’s great news for anyone who just misses the requirements and wants to explore Australia!

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