Things to Do and See in Australian Town Ballina

Every now and then, we all want to escape from our daily woes; and enjoy some solitude in a place that offers top-notch services but which is also not overcrowded. Thankfully, Australia boasts such locations, especially on its eastern coast. While Byron Bay is by far one of the most popular locations on this route; there is a smaller town that is just picture-perfect for visitors who want some more elbow space. Here are things to do and see in Australian town Ballina.

Welcome to the idyllic Australian Town Ballina

Ballina is located on the east coast of the Australian continent, more specifically in New South Wales, just south of Byron Bay (and Gold Coast, for that matter). You would need about nine hours to drive northward of Sydney in order to reach the small Emigrant Creek which marks a beginning of the town. While it might seem like nothing more than a harmless Australian hamlet on the coast of Pacific, you should know that Ballina “packs quite a punch”. It has some top-notch restaurants, superb resorts and interesting landmarks. It is also a beloved camping spot.

The coastline accommodation is top notch

When it comes to the features, the beachside of Ballina is the main selling point of this town. If you are here with your family, there is hardly more perfect Ballina Beach Village than Seabreeze Caravan Park. This amazingly arranged locale near the confluence of Richmond River is an incredible holiday spot where you can enjoy the legendary Pacific sunrises and sunsets. It’s officially located in South Ballina. And it can serve as a strategically located hub for the exploration of the entire Ballina Shire. Plus, it is also pet friendly, which is amazing if you cannot rely on anyone to take care of your furry friend while you are kicking back on the beach.

Ballina – a curious town

Charming as it is, Ballina is a town that boasts some interesting curiosities and activities. If you are a newcomer to this low-key but beloved tourist destination, there are several spots you simply have to visit. First of all, a truly wacky sight that needs to be seen is definitely Ballina’s Big Prawn, which is a six-meter tall sculpture of exactly the first thing that comes to your mind – a curious little sea crustacean. If you love “weird” sites, this is the one that you have to check out. You can find it next to the Bunnings Warehouse car park.

Australian Town Ballina

A lot of things to see and enjoy

If you are a history aficionado, you should also check out Ballina’s own Naval and Maritime Museum. For a surfing session, definitely head to Shelly Beach and if you want some playful aquatic fun, Ballina Memorial Olympic Pool and Waterslide is a place your kids will definitely love, plus it’s a much safer option than the ocean.

Have an amazing, leisurely night

Finally, if you just want a leisurely afternoon filled with familiar beats; you can embark on a shopping spree in the Ballina Fair Shopping Centre. Top it off with a night at the movies in Ballina Fair Cinemas. After that, you can have a discussion about the movie over dinner in one of many restaurants on River Street. You can have some warm, homely meals for quite a decent price.

Australian Town Ballina

An escape to Australian town Ballina is a good opportunity to blow off some steam and have a stress-free vacation. This is a perfect destination for families and loners that just want to get away. It offers something the most popular spots and overhyped cities cannot – peace of mind and a bit of tranquility. As a town, Ballina is fairly small and idyllic, but it has everything a spoiled tourist might need. Should you pay it a visit, you are bound to fall in love with its simple charms and wish to return again as soon as possible.

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