Australian Cycle Tour: Adventure On Two Wheels

Beautiful, sun-drenched Australia is a rather popular destination for cyclists, and it’s rather obvious why that’s the case. As we all know, Australia’s not just a country, it’s a continent, and that means that cycling around Australia in its entirety would take over a year! The truth is, most Australians don’t cycle through their beautiful country. It’s mostly the foreigners who do it. That happens because most Australians don’t even know that they have roads which are just as exciting as Tuscan hills, Cuban beaches, and French mountains. So without further ado let’s take a look at what an Australian cycle tour has to offer to cyclists who want to discover the beauty of the Land Down Under.

Australian Cycle Tour Top Destinations

Mount Buller

Mount Buller is a resort village in Victoria, and it is known for its downhill ski slopes, but did you know that it also has terrific bike trails? That’s right when the snow melts this location turns into one of the finest mountain-biking locations in the world!

The Australian Alpine Epic has already been named by the International Mountain Biking Association as one of the mountain rides that any bike rider should not miss. The Alpine Epic is really long (40 kilometers), but every inch of it is absolutely worth it.

Mount Buller. Australian cycle tour
Mount Buller

Maria Island

If you don’t want to challenge yourself too much during your Australian cycle tour, but you still want to feel the thrill, then you must visit Tasmania’s Maria Island. You won’t find many cars here; the traffic usually consists of gees, wombats, and kangaroos.

Since this island is a national park, its trails are open to both hikers and cyclists, so you might even make some friends along the way. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Painted Cliffs and see the patterned sandstone, visit Maria Island now.

Bonus tip: If you plan on cycling for a day bring your own food – There are no stores on the island!

Painted Cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania
Painted Cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania: Photo on Flickr by labete / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tasmanian East Coast

This is, at least according to some experienced cyclists, the best multi-day Australian cycle tour. You’ll begin your journey in Launceston and make your way through the challenging hills to the coast.

Along the way, you’ll see beautiful beaches, and two very aptly named hills – Break-Me-Neck Hill and Bust-Me-Gall Hill. Don’t worry, they’re not as scary as they sound. But you still need to have proper equipment with you if you want everything to go according to plan.

Tasmania Arch on the East Coast, Australian cycle tour
Tasmania Arch on the East Coast

Cairns to Cape York

Those who want to challenge themselves should take a trip from Cairns to Cape York. What will you see during this 1600 kilometers long journey? The truth is – almost everything. The Daintree, mountain forests, Iron Range National Park, Lakefield National Park, and many other wonders are waiting for you to discover.

Along the way, there are many dusty, corrugated roads, challenging trails, and even crocs, so it’s recommended that you bring your supplies with you. Of course, you’ll also need to equip yourself with spare parts and accessories. Most cyclists who have survived this long Australian cycle trip recommend that you put your faith in the spare parts by Shimano.

Queensland Country Road. Australian cycle tour
Queensland Country Road

Magnetic Island

Finally, something for those who don’t like long rides, and who just want to enjoy the scenery. Magnetic Island is small, but it’s narrow and hilly, and a little bit of fitness is required, but that’s to be expected.

You’ll need to reach this island with a little bit of help from the ferries that dock at Picnic Island. From there you’ll be able to cycle across this gorgeous island right to Horseshoe Bay. It is recommended that you set-up your base at this bay, and then to cycle all the way to Balding Bay and Florence Bay.

When it comes to traffic, you don’t have to worry about much. Most people you’ll meet on this island will be cyclists, just as you.

Fish Cove, Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australian cycle tour
Fish Cove, Magnetic Island

There are many, many different locations and trails around Australia; these are just some that are the most exciting. However, only you know what makes your heart pump faster. Grab your bike, grab your equipment and start exploring the smallest continent on Earth. Who knows what lies ahead of you? And don’t be surprised if some locals offer you food and shelter along your Australian cycle trip. Australians are some of the friendliest people on the planet!

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