Essential items to pack for an Australian Cruise

Opportunities that Australia has to offer are as big as the country itself. Australia is sometimes referred as “the land at the end of the world” because it is remote and isolated from the rest of the world. Australia offers many tourist attractions: the beautiful coastline, high mountain ranges, the Outback, vivid urban areas and much more. One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of this country is to go on a cruise, but before you set sail, make sure that you’ve packed necessary traveling essentials.

What to take on an Australian Cruise: Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House at night
Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

The Essential Australian Cruise Packing List

Clothing and footwear

Clothing and footwear usually occupy the most space in your luggage. Therefore, you should pack wisely and depending on a season. If you are traveling during the winter time, make sure to bring enough warm clothes; but if you are cruising in the spring or summer you should bring, not more than, two sweatshirts in case it gets cold or rainy. Raincoat is irreplaceable and it can be a lifesaver, it is light and does not take up much space, so you make sure not to forget it.

Bringing two pairs of jeans or pants is enough. If you travel in the spring or summer, two pairs of skirts for girls or shorts for men are more than enough.

The Essential Australian Cruise Packing List: Celebrity Cruise Ship in Sydney
Celebrity Cruise Ship in Sydney

Cruise ships have pools, and the places you will visit on your cruise are on the Australia’s beautiful coast, so bring swimming and, if you have enough space in your suitcase, diving equipment.
Take no more than two pairs of shoes (of course sandals or slippers are mandatory).


Be sure to bring a Band-Aid, something for the pain and high temperature, pills to improve digestion and an antibiotic in case of any inflammation (for example tooth inflammation).

What to take on an Australian Cruise: Sunset onboard
Sunset onboard

Since the most of the time on your cruise you will be exposed to dangerous Australian sun, do not forget the sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.

Eat as many fruits as you can and bring the vitamin c tablets with you, because of the downs of immunity which are common on the long journeys.


Cruises can take really long, a good amount of time you will be in the cabin, especially if the weather is bad; so download interesting apps on your smart phone, like online Sudoku game, that will keep you entertained and will help you to kill some time if the weather is bad and you’re stuck in the cabin.

The Essential Australian Cruise Packing List: Oosterdam in Sydney Harbour
Oosterdam in Sydney Harbour

As much as we want to exclude and rest, we are still modern times social beings. We rely on technology to a large extent and when something does not work, we feel lost. So make sure that you pack: charger for your phone, spare batteries for the camera and their charger and universal plug adapter, if necessary.

Small backpack

Small backpacks are really practical. Usually we throw everything in the big travel bag and forget to bring a small bag in which we can carry things to the beach or town when our cruise ship docks in a harbour.

What to take on an Australian Cruise: Carnival Spirit
Carnival Spirit

Notepad and pen

Bringing this and carrying it with you all the time is a smart thing to do. Why? Because you can write down all the things and facts that you want to remember, but you never do. You can write down beautiful thoughts, ideas and all kinds of stuff. Bring more than one pencil, because Australia will give you a lot to write down and remember.

Australia, which you’ll discover on your cruise is a huge and beautiful country where you will be able to see a lot in a short time (don’t forget the camera!). I am sure that your cruise, if you bring everything from this list, will be carefree and that the Australia’s beauty will make you want to repeat it.

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