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Oh, Australia. If you have yet to road trip in Australia, you’re missing out. This country is certainly unlike any other and a road trip in an Australia campervan hire is bound to be one that you won’t soon forget. Just imagine being able to go diving with great white sharks or skydiving over the coastline. Think about exploring the bush and enjoying the experience of the outback in the safety of an Australian campervan hire holiday. It’s one of the best road trip experiences that you can have in the world.

Australian Campervan Hire Holiday to Ballina,Father, son fishing at Richmond River
Father & son fishing at Richmond River, Ballina: Image on Flickr by Andrew Sutherland / CC BY-SA 2.0

Australian Campervan Hire Holiday to Ballina

While Australia is certainly full of must-see destinations, that you should include on your travel itinerary; Ballina is a great place to start. Located in New South Wales, it has the perfect balance of beauty, adventure, and a friendly atmosphere. The following are some of the places that you should visit while in the area:

  • If you’re traveling with kids and want to see a Ballina attraction, visit the Big Prawn. While it’s location isn’t really the most attractive, it’s something fun to do. An interesting fact about this attraction is that thousands of dollars were actually spend on remodeling it. When you go to admire it, keep this in mind.
  • Go to Shelley Beach and catch some rays. After all, you’re near the coast, so you should definitely take some time playing in the waves. Whether you’re visiting with the little ones and want to enjoy the rock pool part of the beach or you want to go surfing, you can do so in this area. There are other beach in the area, so do your research to find the perfect one for your time in Ballina.
  • Do you like history? Visit the Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum, where you can learn plenty about the history of this area. In fact, if you know anything about the Las Balsas stories, you’ll find it incredible, as there is something from this interesting expedition that happened from Ecuador in 1973. It is also a great spot for learning more about Australian history—especially that of this country’s naval history.
  • If you’re already in the area, you might as well head on over to Byron Bay, which is really close by. Byron Bay is a favorite for many people who love the ocean. If you want to get some spectacular shots on your road trip, make a point of visiting the Byron bay lighthouse, where you can capture gorgeous shots of the hills overlooking the ocean.
  • Go explore the Killen Falls and cool off if you are visiting in the summer. They are very close to Ballina and you can walk under the falls and enjoy a refreshing experience while in the area. It’s a fun experience for adults and children alike; so if you are road tripping with your kids, why not take some time to visit this beautiful spot near Ballina?
  • While in the area, make sure to visit farmer markets. Whether you want to go home with souvenirs or are looking for food for your visit; you can be sure to find some incredible crafts, as well as tasty goodies from the area. You can even enjoy music festivals that regularly take place in Ballina. Just make sure to do your research beforehand, to ensure that you get the date right.
  • From Sydney to Ballina, there is a place called Macadamia Castle, where you can both entertain the kids with the Animal & Adventure park, and of course purchase some local products made from macadamia nuts, as well as visit the gift shop.

Ballina is a small city, but it still has some fun things to do. Because of it’s close proximity to Sydney, it’s worth a visit, if you have some time to play with while traveling throughout the country. It is a charming beachside area; so if you have your heart set on surfing or simply splashing around the little ones; it’s a great spot to do just that. You can spend a couple of days in the city to get the most of it; or simply pass through on your way to somewhere else. While it certainly isn’t as happening as Sydney and may not be considered as beautiful as neighboring Byron Bay; it does have it’s own charm and whether you spend the day visiting farmer markets or exploring parks; you will walk away impressed.

As you travel on your Australian campervan hire holiday, take your time to get to know some of the local attractions. Smaller areas like this one will help to give you a glimpse of Australian life; and you’ll find this part of the country to be quite beautiful. Is Ballina a place that you’d like to go to? If you have been already, what did you think of it?

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