Australian Adventure – Braving Tasmania’s South Coast Track

The South Coast Track is a very popular 85 km hike that avid bush walkers brave on a daily basis. Many people consider it one of the best hiking experiences you’ll find in Tasmania. This track is not for the faint of heart; it takes anywhere from five to seven days to complete, depending on your stamina and fitness level and mother nature’s moods. In this article, we look at things to consider if you’re thinking about braving Tasmania’s South Coast Track. So read on to find out more!

Ironbound Ranges, Tasmania's South Coast Track
Ironbound Ranges, South Coast Track: Photo on Flickr by Vern / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Prepare your arsenal

One of the most important things for braving the South Coast Track is preparing your arsenal. You must bring along everything you could possibly need for your hike. This may include:

  • tent
  • cooler
  • backpack
  • first aid kit
  • appropriate clothing and footwear
  • navigation tools
  • sun protection
  • matches/lighters
  • plenty of food and water

When considering what to bring, also check weather conditions to ensure you’re fully equipped for anything mother nature throws at you. A well-stocked arsenal is essential when it comes to a successful South Coast Track hike. So create a checklist and start ticking things off as soon as you can.

South Cape Bay, South-West National Park, Tasmania
South Cape Bay, South-West National Park

Book your flight in

The only access to Melalueca, the starting point of the South Coast Track, is by plane. Most people fly into Melalueca from Hobart via Par Avion flights that operate from Cambridge Airport. Flights depart every day from morning to mid-afternoon; if you require a special time slot, contact the company. Parking is free at Cambridge Airport, should you need to bring your car along.

The best thing about the South Coast Track is that even though you have to fly in, you’ll finish your hike walking out at Cockle Creek. This gives you a truly once in a lifetime experience that not many are lucky enough to be a part of!

Prion Crossing, South Coast Track, Tasmania
Prion Crossing, South Coast Track: Photo on Flickr by Duncan Cunningham-Reid / CC BY 2.0

Expect wilderness and wildlife

One of the beautiful things about hiking the South Coast Track is how disconnected you will be from the hustle, bustle and technology of the modern world. During your hike, you’ll be crossing landscapes with no roads, signs or lighting, making this a truly unique experience for any modern-day man or woman.

With little human influence in the area, expect to see diverse plant and animal species. This is true both in the wilderness and on the many beaches you’ll cross along the way. You may see a plethora of rare animals, including wombats, quolls, pademelons and the very rare orange-bellied parrot. Get your camera out, because this will be something you’ll want to document to share with your friends and family.

Jessie on South Coast Track beach in Tasmania
South Coast Track, Tasmania: Photo on Flickr by Duncan Cunningham Reid / CC BY 2.0

Ensure your body is prepared and well-fueled

The South Coast Track is certainly not something that first-time hikers should try to defeat. This is one hike that requires endurance, strength, and a well-trained body. Ensuring your stamina is as high as possible before the hike is essential. So train by going on smaller hikes around your home, or by pumping iron at the gym.

It’s also essential to provide your body the nutrition it needs both before and during the hike. We suggest bringing high-energy snacks such as nuts, trail mix, seeds, protein bars and other foods that will give you all the energy you need.

Sleep is essential

Last but not least, it is so important that on your hike you get as much quality sleep as possible. This ensures you’re ready for the day ahead and your body is well-rested enough after the previous day’s adventures. We recommend purchasing a quality tent, swag and other sleep essentials that will keep you as comfortable as possible on your hike. Sleeping pads and sleeping bags are popular options with those who have braved the track. We highly recommend investing in these items as they will truly improve your quality of rest during your hike.


We hope that this article has been useful in giving you some vital information for anyone who is thinking of braving the amazing South Coast Track!

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