Travelling for the Thrill: 5 Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations

If you find romantic and relaxing holidays boring and slow and you prefer going on an adventure, then Australia is the perfect place for you. In this amazing continent you can experience nearly anything; exotic wildlife, adrenaline-packed diving, exploring the deserts and even being among the clouds. Here are the top 5 Australian adrenaline packed adventure destinations you should check out when in Australia.

Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations

Diving with Great Whites

South Australia gives you the opportunity to come face to face with one of the scariest predators in the world: the great white shark. Join the Great White Shark Expedition on The Princess II, which will be your stay for the whole trip. You can meet these majestic creatures on their own territory in cage dive on the ocean floor. Not only will these sharks take your breath away, but you will get the chance to see other exotic animals, such as eagle and smooth rays. Additionally, this trip includes wildlife hikes, swimming with sea lions at Hopkins Island and several boat trips to see colonies of fur seals.

Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations Great White Shark
Great White Shark: Photo by Terry Goss / CC BY 2.5

Skydiving Adventure

If you want different perspective without the safety of a plane, Australia offers you several locations for most amazing skydiving adventures. You can choose Queensland’s Mission Beach and enjoy the views of the Great Barrier Reef on your descent. Other breathtaking views and skydiving experience are located in the aerial allure of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, where you can also see Penguin Island, Garden Island and Cockburn Sound. Get wild and jump out of a plane with professionals and experience the most amazing free falling and landscapes. Everyone is welcome, especially people who would like to let go off their fears.

Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations Sky Dive over Mission Beach
Sky Dive over Mission Beach: Photo on Flickr by IG inK / CC BY-SA 2.0

Crocodile Dive

In Australia lies another perfect opportunity to face your fears and meet exotic and dangerous predators; you just have to visit the Crocosaurus Cove Animal Park in Darwin. Diving with crocodiles is done with “The Cage of Death” which can hold one or two people at the time. This cage is lowered into the water where you can come face to face with salt water crocodile. Since it is cylindrical in shape and see-through it gives you a 360 degree view everywhere in the water. To lure the predator closer to the cage, professionals are feeding the crocs and that encourages their movement and natural behavior.

Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin Northern Territory Australia
Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin: Photo on Flickr by Gary Bembridge / CC BY 2.0

Driving on Sand Dunes

If you already experienced wild waters and skies, then you should check out the deserts. On this amazing continent you can take a joy ride on some of the numerous off-road tracks, including the ones on massive sand dunes, Stockton Bight Dunes near Nelson Bay. This adventure can last as long as you want; you just have to come prepared. For this expedition you need a 4WD vehicle which you can easily find at local Carsales. Pack a spacious backpack filled with water and light snacks and your other luggage should be safe and sound at the hotel. For the best protection and safety of your clothes and essentials opt for Samsonite luggage. This rule for packing is applicable for almost all of your adventures, only the contents of your backpack may differ from one location to another.

Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations 4WD on Stockton Beach Dunes NSW Australia
4WD on Stockton Beach Dunes: Photo on Flickr by John O’Nolan / CC BY 2.0

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This adventure might not be as adrenaline-packed as the other ones, but it sure is breathtaking. Harbour Bridge in Sydney is one of the most amazing and iconic man-made wonders of Australia which is 134 meter above the sea level. Join a tour and climb this structure and take a look at the exhilarating views of the harbor and city skyline. Probably the best time of the day for this adventure is dusk, which offers a dramatic sunset and a bit of romance, and at night when you can see the bright lights of the city sparkling in reflection in the water.

Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations Rick and Wendy on the BridgeClimb at Dawes Point Sydney NSW Australia
Rick and Wendy on the BridgeClimb at Dawes Point: Photo on Flickr by Wendy Harman / CC BY 2.0

As you can see, there is something for everyone. Whether you are skydiving enthusiast or you love exploring waters and animals, you should pack your bags and head down to Australia for the best vacation of your lifetime.

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