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For a small island nation at the edge of Europe, Ireland has a lot to see and do for visitors to its shores. One of the regions that lends itself well to visitor exploration is Athlone, a bustling town in the heartland of Ireland and an ideal location to visit. Here are some top attractions for your Athlone Irish journey for any trip to The Emerald Isle.

Athlone Irish Journey Top Attractions

Athlone is situated on the shores of the River Shannon, Ireland’s longest river, and as a result, has plenty to offer when it comes to water attractions. Options even include a Viking boat tour which plays into the history of the place. Fishing is plentiful and there is even a water park, making it the perfect Athlone Irish journey location for all of the family.

Picturesque Athlone and the River Shannon Coolatore. Athlone Irish Journey, ireland
Picturesque Athlone and the River Shannon at Coolatore. Flickr: Abi Skipp / CC BY 2.0

Oldest Pub in Europe – Sean’s Bar

The town is also famed for its culture, heritage and history. An Athlone Irish journey would not be complete without a trip to local tavern ‘Sean’s Bar’ which is officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the ‘Oldest Pub in Europe’. The bar is a real gem and is the perfect example of a true ‘Irish Pub’ with its wooden floor and turf fire, but also its traditional Irish music offering which would be hard to beat.

Sean’s Bar. Athlone Irish Journey
Sean’s Bar, the oldest pub in the world. Flickr: Melanie K Reed Photography / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Athlone Castle

The historical nature of the town can also be seen by taking a trip to Athlone Castle which originates from the 12th century and today includes a 360° cinematic experience for visitors which tells the story of the castle. One of the more popular and visually striking visitor attractions in Athlone, it is not hard to see why so many visitors step over the threshold.

RTE All-Ireland Drama Festival

For arts and culture enthusiasts, Athlone is home to two venues that are sure to peak their interests. The first is The Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre. This centre has hosted the RTE All-Ireland Drama Festival which has been held at this venue every year for the past 57 years. It attracts thespians from all around Ireland.

Colorful Athlone street corner. Athlone Irish Journey
Colorful Athlone street corner. Flickr: Tomasz Łabuz / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Luan Gallery

The second venue is a more recently opened (but no less impressive) venue called The Luan Gallery. Having opened its doors in 2012, it has become renowned for bringing attention to both Irish and international visual arts projects and their associated artists. The venue offers a combination of activities which the general public can participate in. These include: guide tours, workshops and lectures.

The Luan Gallery. Athlone Irish Journey
The Luan Gallery. Flicr: Andrew Hurley / CC BY-SA 2.0

Athlone StoryMap

For more on Athlone as an ideal spot to visit when in Ireland, have a look at the StoryMap below which has been put together by the Sheraton Athlone Hotel.

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