The 20 Best Attractions & Things to Do in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, off the coast of Singapore, has tons of fun things to do.

From Resort World Sentosa and the world’s largest wind tunnel to the Fort Siloso Skywalk and beach sports, anyone can have a fun day in Sentosa. 

20 Top-Rated Things to Do in Sentosa Island 

1. Resorts World Sentosa 

Resorts World Sentosa is definitely the most action-packed resort on the island. The area contains tons of luxury hotels and delicious restaurants, but the real pull is all of the attractions. 

For starters, the resort houses Adventure Cove Waterpark, which features all the great things you want from a waterpark and more. Here, you can go tubing, snorkeling, or zoom down on one of their high-speed water slides. 

The snorkeling option, in particular, is quite popular, especially at Rainbow Reef, where you will find tons of sea creatures in their natural habitat. 

Or, if you want to try something more relaxing, Adventure Cove Waterpark also has a lazy river and wave pool. Then, you can head over to the Marine Life Park aquarium (also called S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore), which is the largest oceanarium in the world behind the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. 

And, of course, you can’t miss Universal Studios Singapore. The only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, you’ll want to ride the fantastic rides and check out the park’s intricate shows. 

The park also has replicas of cool places like ancient Egypt, New York, Hollywood, and Madagascar. 

2. Siloso Beach 

Siloso Beach is the island’s top destination for partiers. The beach contains tons of hip bars and restaurants and comes to life at night with music and parties. 

Additionally, Siloso Beach has lots of great activities for adventurers, like surfing on artificial waves, skimboarding, and rollerblading. There are also whirlpool baths if you’re craving relaxation. 

However, don’t start to think that Siloso Beach is adult-only. Kids can also have fun in the water or play sports like beach soccer, Frisbee, canoeing, or volleyball. 

But, those who really want to test their sense of adventure on Sentosa’s most sport-friendly beach can try out bungee jumping. Or, they can head over to Mega Adventure Park to do the 1,330-foot Megazip.

Similarly, you can attempt indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore, which gives you the feeling of falling 9,000 feet. There’s even the Giant Swing at Skypark, where you can feel like you’re flying as you rock 75 miles an hour over the island on a giant pendulum. 

Also, this area of the island has beach clubs just like other destinations. The most popular is the Ola Beach Club which contains a swimming pool, D.J.s, and a Hawaiian-themed bar. 

The club also gives you the opportunity to ride on a banana boat or a jet ski. 

3. Palawan Beach

If you are looking for a great beach to take the kids to in Sentosa Island, Singapore, you should check out Palawan Beach. Guests love to swim or participate in water sports in the lagoon as well as play at Hydrodash floating aqua park. 

You can also cross the iconic suspension bridge that goes to an islet that prides itself as the southernmost point of continental Asia. 

4. Tanjong Beach 

A favorite among visitors, Tanjong Beach, is tranquil but also perfect for families. With white sand and blue waters, you’ll feel like you are in paradise, surrounded by palm trees. 

The beach even houses the Tanjong Beach Club, a pet-friendly club where you can get away from the heat. 

5. Madame Tussauds Singapore 

Like all the other Madame Tussauds locations around the world, Singapore’s museum holds tons of wax statues from A-list celebrities to historical leaders, such as the nation’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. 

What makes Singapore’s Madame Tussauds special is that it has the Spirit of Singapore boat ride, which makes you feel as though you are venturing through the jungle because of its native plants and bird noises. 

6. Sentosa 4D Adventureland 

Great for people of all ages, Sentosa 4D Adventureland theme park hosts three unique adventures: the Extreme Log Ride, Desperados Interactive Shoot-Out Game, and the Haunted Mine Ride 4D. A favorite on the island, the center has won several awards. 

You can also watch Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in 4D to activate all your senses. 

7. Fort Siloso 

Not far past Siloso Beach sits Fort Siloso on the island’s western tip. This coastal fortress once guarded the country, but today, it houses a museum with WWII artifacts and wax models of British and Japanese soldiers. 

You can even venture up the 11-story high Fort Siloso Skywalk to get a great view of the fort from the treetops.

8. Royal Albatross Sunset Sail and Dinner Cruise 

Perfect for romantic dates or just to spoil the family, this luxury dinner sail prepares you a five or seven-course meal on the only tall ship in the region. Interestingly, you can even watch as the crew sails the giant yacht as they would have historically. 

9. Trick Eye Museum 

The Trick Eye Museum is just what it sounds like, a museum filled with optical illusions. You can even touch and take pictures with the 4D art housed here. 

10. Skyline Luge Sentosa 

Skyline Luge offers guests an exciting ride in a three-wheeled Luge. On these carts, you glide down a long incline as you navigate around turns, through tunnels, and down slopes. 

11. GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure 

A fun way to see beautiful beaches when visiting Sentosa, the 30 minute Segway ride takes you along one of the most fantastic parts of the island. Even kids can come along on this adventure as the whole family experiences the island while using this unique way to travel. 

12. HeadRock VR

One of the island’s many theme parks, HeadRock VR is the place for novel thrill-seekers. This attraction lets you experience all kinds of V.R. experiences, such as skydiving, rafting, or walking through a haunted house. 

13. Siloso Beach Walk 

This 3.3-mile trail runs almost the entire length of the island’s southern coast from Siloso Beach to South Cove. Many people love this easy path because you can see most of the island, including many of its beautiful wildflowers. 

14. Sentosa Cove 

Sentosa Cove is one of the wealthiest and most beautiful residential areas in Southeast Asia. The neighborhood has many hotels as well as spas and upscale restaurants. 

15. Sentosa Nature Discovery 

At this nature center, you can enjoy flora and fauna of the eight types of habitats on Sentosa Island. This outdoor museum even has statues, interactive exhibits, and lookout points. 

16. Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom 

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is a sanctuary for thousands of different bug species, most of which are endangered. At this attraction, many visitors find that their favorite part is the more than 1,500 butterflies representing 50 species that float around in their indoor habitats. 

17. Singapore Cable Car Sky Network 

The Sentosa cable car network is a favorite way to venture to the island from the mainland on the Sentosa Line. From way up in a cable car, you can see magnificent views of the coastline, Singapore’s jungle, the South China Sea, and the Singapore skyline. 

However, if you’d rather stay on the ground, you can always take the leisurely stroll across Sentosa Boardwalk, which is about a twenty-minute walk across the harbor. 

A third option is the Sentosa Express, a monorail system that brings you from HarbourFront to Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Express stops at Beach Station (Palawan), Imbiah, and Resorts World. 

18. Sentosa Merlion 

Many people don’t realize that the merlion is an integral part of Singapore’s mythology because it’s the guardian of prosperity. Thus, you can find merlion depictions all around the country. 

Currently, the 120-foot tall merlion still sits on Sentosa Island, but you ought to hurry up and visit it fast because the government has made plans to demolish it at some point in 2022. 

19. Wings of Time 

Located near Beach Station on the Sentosa Express monorail, the Wings of Time is a light and water show. Here, you can watch a magnificent display that uses lasers, water, and fire to create something truly grand and unique. 

20. Sentosa Golf Club 

Right behind Tanjong Beach lies two amazing 18-hole golf courses: the Serapong and the New Tanjong. Awarded the World’s Best Golf Club at the World’s Golf Awards, golf enthusiasts won’t want to miss this manicured masterpiece. 

What is the Sentosa Token FUN PASS?

The Sentosa FUN PASS is a way to visit Sentosa Island without paying the full price to get into attractions. 

The FUN PASS allows you to save up to 55% on certain attractions by buying tokens that you can use when you visit. You can even pay for certain souvenirs when you purchase specific packages. 

How to Get Around Sentosa Island

One option to get around Sentosa is to take the Sentosa Express, which has three stops down the center of the island. 

There’s also the shuttle bus which has eight stops and runs every fifteen minutes. And similarly, the Beach Shuttle has 18 stations and runs every ten minutes, making it quite popular and convenient. 

Finally, since the island isn’t that big, you can always walk or cycle between most destinations. Just make sure you pick up a Sentosa Island map, so you know where all the best attractions are before you leave. 


So, is Sentosa worth visiting?

Yes, it is. 

With adventures ranging from beach volleyball to an aerial cable car ride over the city skyline, Sentosa is the ultimate vacation.