Are You an Avid Birder? Go for a Sichuan Birding Tour This Spring!

Are you an avid birder who hasn’t been able to go on a birding trip for the past 6 years, ever since joining your office? If yes, then please take a break from your hectic life and go on a Sichuan Birding Tour this spring. This will not only help you rejuvenate your senses but also, help you indulge in your long lost hobby, bird watching. So, don’t give it another thought; just send a mail to your boss requesting him/her to grant you a month-long leave (or at least for 25 days), pack your bags, and set out for a wonderful birding voyage.

Alpine Birding, Sichuan Birding Tour, Red Billed Leiothrix, china
Red Billed Leiothrix

Oh, wait! How can I forget? Before you pack your bags or apply for a long leave, you need to decide the place! Do you have any place in mind where you feel you can come across numerous birds? No? Well then, let me help you out in this matter. Being a wildlife photographer-cum-birding enthusiast, I have visited numerous places all across the globe that is well-known for being the home to several species of birds. But out of all those destinations, there’s one that has literally stolen my heart and that is, the Sichuan Province of China.

Wondering, why I love going for Sichuan birding when there are so many other spots? Well, here are some reasons; take a look.

Alpine Birding, Sichuan Birding Tour, Blue Eared Pheasant
Blue Eared Pheasant

You’ll find Numerous Species of Birds

One of the major reasons why I prefer going to Sichuan for a birding expedition is because this province of China harbours around 250-300 species of birds. Can’t believe this? Well then, you better research about this province. I’m sure you’ll find this same data. Some of the most beautiful birds that you can come across in this province are as follows:

  • Golden Pheasant
  • Temminic’s Tragopan
  • Tibetan Snowcock
  • Chinese Monal
  • Rosefinches
  • Laughingthrushes
  • Parrotbills, and Much More

There are Numerous Places for Birding

Sichuan Province is one of those few places all across the world which has numerous spots for bird watching. And the best part is that all the birding spots in this province are well-connected with roads. Hence, travelling is not going to be a problem. And, if you purchase a Sichuan Birding Tour package from a reputed company that is popular for arranging bird watching in China, then travelling from one birding spot to another would become even easier; after all, they would provide apt, off-road vehicles for easy commutation.

Alpine Birding, Tibetan Partridge
Tibetan Partridge

Now, are you curious to know about the places that are well-known for birding in Sichuan province? If yes, then read on.

  • Wawushan or Mt. Longcangou
  • Balang Mountain
  • Wolong Nature Reserve
  • Mengbishan
  • Flower Lake
  • Baxi Village
  • Jiuzhaigou

It Has the Perfect Blend of Beauty and Serenity

Another major reason why I always feel like going back to Sichuan, again and again, is because it has the perfect blend of beauty and serenity. Yes, that’s right! This place is definitely going to mesmerize you with its natural beauty. The lofty mountains, the lush green fields, the flowing rivers, the lakes, everything is going to literally hypnotize you and you wouldn’t feel like coming back home. And since this province is not overcrowded or over-populated, you would definitely be able to spend some serene, relaxed days here.

Now that you know why Sichuan is my favourite spot for bird watching in China, wait no more and fly to this amazing province. And yes, I would suggest you book a Sichuan bird watching tour package for this trip rather than travelling on your own.

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