Appreciate the Arts in Miami, Florida

When you think of Miami, you immediately think of the water, sandy beaches, shops, and nightclubs. However, Miami is more than just leisure activities. The city also has great respect for the fine arts. This is evident from neighborhoods draped in artistic paints; venues crafted for musical events, and various local craft shops. These days Miami is a city not just for beach bunnies, or cruisers for that matter. It’s for art lovers as well. In this article, we will specifically look at the district of Wynwood, a suburb of Miami, and its many efforts to share the arts with the world. So grab your artsy friends and appreciate the arts in Miami, Florida.

Wynwood District: Graffiti Art

Wynwood Graffiti Art
Wynwood Graffiti Art

Located approximately 15 miles from Biscayne Bay, the district of Wynwood has made a concentrated effort to promote art. Wynwood Walls was the result of transforming industrial buildings walls into a stunning collection of street and graffiti art that attracts visitors from all over the world. In addition to its exterior works, Wynwood also host art shows at its many galleries. In February, Wynwood District hosts Art in the Garden at no charge. Art in the Garden is a multicultural event geared toward the whole family and showcases art works made by local artist as well as those featured by invitation. The district also hosts the Wynwood Art Block, a recurring block party held on the second Saturday of every month. The event features music, food trucks, games, and of course, art-related activities. 

Outdoor Sculpture at Perez Art Museum

While exploring Wynwood, make sure to stop by Wynwood 28, Art Fusion, and the Eduardo Lira art galleries. These boutique galleries feature both legendary and contemporary artists in various disciplines. If you still haven’t had enough, another spot to appreciate the arts in Miami is at the Perez Art Museum, the city’s flagship art museum for modern and contemporary art.

Music in Miami

crowd, stage and fireworks at ultra music festival, miami
Fireworks at Ultra Miami. Photo on Wikipedia by Raveguy23 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Not only is there an appreciation for visual artistry in Miami, but the city is also loves its music. The melodic sounds of jazz, R&B, reggae and other eclectic genres are constantly heard and celebrated. 

The Wynwood Yard is an outdoor venue that hosts mainstream artist as well as local musicians. Miami also hosts the Jazz in the Garden Music Fest.  This year’s event will place from March 9-10 and will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium for its 14th year. The festival is becoming known as one of the greatest jazz festival in America with over 60,000 attendees. Not only do they feature several concerts, but also host a conference to discuss music and diversity. Ticket prices start at $72 for general admission, single day pass. You can purchase them in advance or do so on the day of the show itself.

If jazz isn’t for you, Miami also hosts the Ultra Music Festival, an outdoor event that celebrates the artistry of electronic music.  This year’s festival will commence on March 29. Ticket prices range from $380-$1,500 for all three days.

Miami is known for its golden sandy beaches and its beautiful turquoise waters. It’s a popular embarkation point for anyone cruising the Caribbean or the Bahamas. But the city is more than just the glitz and glamour of South Beach. It’s also a city for art lovers. Travelers can appreciate the arts in Miami by exploring the Wynwood District or attending one of the many live musical events taking place all year round. 

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