Five Reasons to Take an American Road Trip

The great American road trip – a staple on so many dream destination bucket lists. It is an adventure that you read about in novels and see if Hollywood blockbusters, a chance to explore and make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re planning your next vacation or considering donning a backpack and going travelling, here are five reasons why you should consider an American road trip.

American Road Trip: 5 Reasons to Go

Experience the Culture

Consisting of 50 states, the USA offers more than portrayed on the big screen. With a population of more than 300 million, America is culturally diverse, home to almost every known language and practiced religion. As you cross borders you will find new recipes, cultures and histories, all enriching your road trip experience.

American Road Trip: Cabs in Manhattan, New York
Cabs in Manhattan, New York

The Scenery and Landscape

The third largest country in the world, America is home to a huge variety of terrain. As you drive, you will explore vast expanses of desert with jagged orange cliff faces, lush green landscapes filled with lakes and trees, beautiful white and turquoise beaches, and cityscapes clustered with postmodern skyscrapers.

Can’t decide which area to explore? Book a trip with Trek America and leave it all up to your guide.

American Road Trip:  Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon USA
Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon

Escapism and Freedom

The real appeal of a road trip? Escapism. That feeling of driving away from everything and everyone you know offers the chance to be free, uninhibited and live in the moment. No worries about bills, work or family drama. On a road trip you can relax, enjoy the open road and take in all of those glorious sunrises and sunsets.

American Road Trip: Monument Valley, Arizona USA
Monument Valley, Arizona

Real American History

When you set out on a road trip across the USA, you’ll drive through land that was first mapped by pioneers. You may even use roads that were used by those early wagons, carrying hopeful families west. As you drive, you can follow in their footsteps and experience their discovery firsthand – there’s no better way to find out about American history!

American Road Trip:  Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California USA
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Become an Explorer

No matter how well you plan, nothing ever works out as you thought it would, and this is as true of road trips as anything else. An American road trip is your chance to become a true explorer: take a wrong turn and get lost, sleep in your car, dine on new cuisine from roadside cafes, and meet new people. It’s all in the life of an explorer.

There’s nothing like an American road trip to discover yourself. Experience new places, cultures and stories, and enjoy the freedom that the open road allows.

American Road Trip: 4x4 4wd jeep

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