American Flatbread – My Favorite Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont

The city of Burlington is the largest city in Vermont. Home to about 42,500 people, it is by no means a large city, though. That said, Burlington is home to a surprisingly high number of great craft breweries and wonderful restaurants. Set on the shore of shimmering Lake Champlain and backed by the outdoor paradise that is the Green Mountains, it’s a magnificent place to spend your summer holiday. When staying there, you should definitely go for dinner and a beer at American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, easily my favorite restaurant in Burlington, Vermont.

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, Vermont
American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, Vermont

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth: Delicious Wood-fired Pizzas

Officially American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, this cozy and homey eatery is located on the western side of City Hall Park in the heart of downtown Burlington. It lies a five-minute walk from the iconic Church Street Marketplace.

The menu consists of a variety of thin-crusted pizzas, or “flatbreads”, which are prepared and cooked right there in the dining room. They are cooked in a large primitive earthen oven fueled by wood—just the way pizzas, as well as breads, were originally made. All pizzas are prepared with natural, organic ingredients.

In addition to pizzas, you can also order a variety of salads and soups. There is a separate brunch menu as well.

American Flatbread Burlington, outside seating
American Flatbread Burlington, outside seating

Zero Gravity Brewery: Refreshing Craft Beers

Besides my favorite restaurant in Burlington, American Flatbread Burlington Hearth also houses a pretty amazing brewery. It has a branch of the Zero Gravity Brewery, the main brewery of which is located along Pine Street, also in Burlington, and can be visited as well.

Serving an extensive selection of craft beers, Zero Gravity is, in my opinion, one of the best breweries in Vermont. (And I’ve visited about 25 of them.) Particularly their Belgian-style tripel and dubbel beers are exceptionally good.

Belgian tripel at Zero Gravity Brewery, American Flatbread
Belgian tripel at Zero Gravity Brewery, American Flatbread

So, if you’re vacationing in Burlington or somewhere else in Vermont, American Flatbread and its Zero Gravity Brewery is a strongly recommended place to visit. It’s ideal to kick back with an artisanal pizza and a craft beer after a day on the lake, in the mountains or on the beach.

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