Most Amazing Sydney Rooftop Bars

These days, the world mostly revolves around three cities – Hong Kong, New York City, and Sydney. However, Sydney is not only known as an economic center and an urban area with incredible infrastructure – it is also a hedonistic paradise for all of those who seek an exceptional drink and a delicious meal.  Why would you creep around stuffy street-level clubs if you can enjoy a cocktail in the open air? If you want to savor the best of Sydney’s cityscape and have a relaxing drink, here are the most amazing Sydney rooftop bars.

Sydney rooftop bars

One of a Kind Sydney Rooftop Bars

Of course, Coogee Pavilion

If you are in the mood for a drink at Sydney rooftop bars; you’ll find Coogee Pavilion is one of the most popular choices. It’s nested away at the eastern coastline of the city; right below a procession of the hottest beaches this town has to offer. This amazing rooftop bar is a prime location for casual visitors who’d love to enjoy the sights both ways – with the view of the ocean and of the cityscape. The 270-degree view is a primetime selling point of this hotspot; and the price tags are not nearly as steep as one would expect. All in all, it is a win-win situation.

Coogee Pavilion, Sydney
Coogee Pavilion, Sydney

The cozy elegance of Henry Deane, Millers Point

The bar itself is named after the renowned engineer and the architect who designed the building below – but the establishment itself is known as Hotel Palisade. This beautiful and sleek bar has the retro quality of a swing nightclub and its cozy elegance can cater to anyone’s taste.  The view is, naturally, absolutely stunning, and if you’d like to enjoy a colorful and romantic sunset with a pint of beer or a fancy cocktail in your hand, Henry Deane is the place for you.

Henry Deane, Sydney
Henry Deane, Sydney

Taylor’s Rooftop Bar if you want to feel like a hipster

If you want a bit of variation in your rooftop-bar binge session, going from Henry Deane to Taylor’s Rooftop Bar is a refreshing change of pace. Taylor’s Rooftop Bar in Pitt Street has all the hallmarks of an ultra-hip hangout. Industrial design is front and center in this place, even though it is slowly falling out of fashion (some would argue its time is long since gone). However, if you like your craft beer as fresh as it comes, this is surely the location where you can get it. Copper tanks, “rusty” metal supporters and brick walls covered in fresh white paint are the hallmarks of Taylor’s Rooftop bar.

Taylor’s Rooftop Bar, Sydney
Taylor’s Rooftop Bar, Sydney

Feel posh in Old Clare Hotel, Chippendale

If you are aiming for a fashionable rooftop experience with an eclectic setup, come to the Old Clare Hotel. The restored old building meshes quite harmoniously with the neighboring ones from across Carlton Street. The bar itself has a wood-framed pool area and amazing service. It is one of the most popular rooftop bars in Chippendale for good reason. From this vantage point, you can really appreciate the amazingly varied architecture of this suburb.

The Old Clare Hotel, Sydney
The Old Clare Hotel

The Light Brigade, Woollahra for light tropicana

If you truly want to feel like you are in a coastline town, climb up to the Light Brigade, a modern-looking bar that has a quality of a high-end tropical locale. This rooftop bar is also smack in the middle of the city, so enjoying the oversaturated urban cityscape all-around is a lavishing, cosmopolitan experience. If Carrie Bradshaw ever came to Sydney, this is a rooftop bar she’d gladly visit. The place also has delicious pizza on offer if high-end hedonism opens up your appetite.

The Light Brigade, Sydney
The Light Brigade

The embrace of the Bristol Arms, Darling Harbour

The Bristol Arms is one of the Sydney rooftop bars in the heart of the city – within the borders of the central business district and not so far from the ever so popular Darling Harbour. If you’d like to check out a place that is kind of “on the way to anywhere”, the Bristol Arms is the location where you can catch a break and have a drink and a few tasty bites to keep your energy up. The menu is surprisingly varied – from healthy salads to tasty chicken burgers.

The Bristol Arms, Sydney
The Bristol Arms

A casual drink in Zeta Bar, Hyde Park

If you are on your way to Hyde Park; pay a visit to the Hilton Hotel on George Street and have a comfortable, casual drink in Zeta Bar. The design of the place is plain and welcoming, with high ceilings, textured walls and comfortable leather armchairs. If you want a top-notch rooftop bar experience that is not too hip, avant-garde or over-stylized; you’ll feel right at home in Zeta Bar.

Zeta Bar, Sydney
Zeta Bar

Even when they are purely functional and minimalistic; these Sydney rooftop bars have a sense of class that can hardly be matched by anything below the last floor. It is probably due to the fact that you can enjoy the incredible view all around; you’ll hardly find any slice of Sydney that doesn’t look interesting from the high-rise view. So if you want to escape the verve of the asphalt for at least a few minutes while you are in town; visit one of Sydney’s amazing rooftop bars.

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