Top 6 Amazing Motorbike Routes in the World

Every motorcyclist dreams of getting on their bike and riding off, away from all the city traffic, noise and smog. Whether it’s gliding on an endless stretch of asphalt, racing through a forest on rough terrain or simply drifting along a beautiful coastline somewhere, adventure is in a motorcyclist’s blood. So if you’re wondering on what great adventure to take your bike, consider some of the world’s top 6 amazing motorbike routes that will get your blood pumping and your wanderlust satisfied.

Amazing Motorbike Routes

World’s Top 6 Amazing Motorbike Routes

The South Island, New Zealand

Unfortunately, many people don’t know just how beautiful the nature of New Zealand’s South Island is, so cruising along this amazing landscape is really a great treat. You can start and end your journey in Christchurch and cross 2,100km of road while riding along the Pacific coast.  Not only does the scenery get more and more spectacular, but there is basically no traffic so all you need to do is hit cruise control and enjoy yourself.

Lake Wanaka, South Island. New Zealand. Amazing Motorbike Routes
Lake Wanaka, South Island. Flickr: CameliaTWU (off and on) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Transalpine, France – Italy

There is a reason why the Transalpine Route is the most visited one in Europe and that reason is all the amazing sights you get to see while on it. You can start your journey in Grenoble in France and go across the Alps to Venice in Italy. The road itself stretches over 2,400km and starting in France, it goes across Switzerland and Austria and finally ends in beautiful Italy. Considering it goes across the Alps, you can even choose which route to take across the mountains, but just have in mind that the traffic can be quite dense during summer. One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss is visiting one of the most amazing motorbike routes in the Alps, the Stelvio (2,757m).


‘The roof of the world’ route might be the most difficult one but many also consider it the most beautiful one. Going from Lhasa to Kashgar, it stretches around 3,500km. The most amazing part of the route is over Dang from where you can see some of the best views of the Himalayas including Mount Everest.

Tibet. Amazing Motorbike Routes

Route 66, USA

Covering 3,939km, Route 66 is probably the most famous route of all. It connects Midwest (Chicago) to the West Coast (LA) and crosses Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. As you travel along this road, not only do you get to see the amazing changing landscape but you’ll get to experience how the small American communities live.

Route 66, Arizona, Amazing Motorbike Routes
Route 66 in Arizona

Ruta 40, Argentina

Connecting the country from south to north, not only is this route the longest one in Argentina, but it’s also one of the longest (and busiest) roads in South America, crossing 5,301km. Starting at Cabo Vírgenes (Santa Cruz) and going up to Quiaca (Jujuy), which is on the Bolivian border, this exciting route with its spectacular scenery runs parallel to the Andes meaning it covers around twenty national parks. While on it, you can visit some of the most amazing attractions such as Strait of Magellan, Perito Moreno Glacier, Lakes Region, the Wine Trail and Talampaya National Park.

Ruta 40, Argentina. Amazing Motorbike Routes
Ruta 40, Argentina. Flickr: Mariano Mantel / CC BY-NC 2.0

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

If you really want to visit something out of the ordinary (and kind of scary), this tunnel road in China is just the perfect spot. This one of the most amazing motorbike routes was actually made by a team of thirteen men from the village of Guoliang using only hand tools because the government wouldn’t help them. The road is about fifteen feet high and twelve feet wide making it a tight squeeze but the tunnel ‘windows’ offer the amazing views of the precipice down to a tumbling abyss hundreds of feet below.

And don’t forget about your gear

While you might be an experienced motorcyclist, taking on some of these roads is a completely different thing so consider carefully what you’ll need before you get on your bike and head off. While you should already know what kind of gear you should have while riding, when going off to an adventure like this you really need to have quality off road riding gear, because you’ll leave the asphalt for sure at some point. Aside from having an armored, waterproof and ventilated jacket-and-pant combination, you also need to have the appropriate pair of gloves and a pair of sturdy riding boots that’ll offer good ankle support. Another thing to remember is to bring some spare parts as well as some necessary tools like tire irons, a patch kit, a valve stem snake, CO2, a tire pressure gauge, and some wrenches and grips.

So there you go, motorbike enthusiasts. If you really want to escape your daily routine and get your blood pumping to see some of the most beautiful sights our world has to offer, visit these amazing places ‘cause there isn’t anything better than being on your bike, cruising along a road and enjoying the freedom it has to offer.

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