All Inclusive RV Rental Advantages Over Motel Rooms

As you plan your next vacation, you contemplate everything from your destination and itinerary to your travel and accommodations. One aspect of your vacation that you will evaluate is where to stay. While a motel is a traditional choice, it certainly isn’t your only one. Investing in an all inclusive RV rental allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits over classic accommodations. Here are four reasons why staying in an RV is a smart way to travel.

Apollo Eclipse Camper. All Inclusive RV Rental
Apollo Eclipse Camper. Flickr: apollo motorhomes / CC BY-ND 2.0

Top Reasons for All Inclusive RV Rental and Motorhome Hire

When you rent an RV, you enjoy an all-inclusive travel experience. Not only are you renting transportation for the duration of your trip; you also have a place to sleep, bathe, and relax. As a result, you will have access to these accommodations throughout your journey. You don’t have to worry about check-in and checkout times—your RV is accessible 24 hours a day. Even better, you can stock your RV with food, drinks, and entertainment and unpack your belongings without having to live out of a suitcase like you might when you’re moving from motel to motel during your vacation.


Thanks to the all-inclusive nature of RV rental road tripping, this type of travel is typically less expensive than staying in a motel. When you opt to stay in traditional lodging, you also have to take on the travel expenses, whether you’re renting a car, booking a flight, or traveling by train. You’ll also have to take on the nightly expense of the motel room. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reports that RV travel is 23 to 59 percent less expensive than other types of travel—and that’s when you own the RV. When you’re renting an RV, you take on far fewer upfront costs, which can result in even more significant savings.

RV Interior. All Inclusive RV Rental
RV Interior. Flickr: wgossett / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Food Expenses

Many motel rooms offer limited amenities, so chances are you won’t have access to a full kitchen like you would in an RV. As a result, RV travel is more convenient because you can prepare meals right there in your vehicle. You won’t have to spend money and time in a motel restaurant, nor will you require three meals out to eat every day. When compared to a motel stay, an RV road trip with kitchen access offers both convenience and savings on your next vacation.

Flexible Travel

When you’re traveling in an RV, you can enjoy a more flexible itinerary. Rather than being bound by pre-booked motel reservations, you can travel wherever the open road takes you. If you’ve exhausted your sightseeing options in one destination, you can hop behind the wheel of the RV and find a nearby city for further exploration. You won’t have to worry about canceling motel reservations and incurring any associated fees. If freedom and flexibility are important features of your next vacation, RV rental travel just might be the choice for you.

RV Park. All Inclusive RV Rental
RV Park. Flickr: Dana / CC BY-ND 2.0


Your accommodations have a significant impact on the quality of your vacation. Traveling in an Apollo RV offers a unique experience, one that differs significantly from staying in a motel. Enjoy flexibility, savings, and freedom on your all inclusive RV rental adventure.

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