Alaskan Cruise Must Do Activities

There’s so much to do in the 49th state, that it’s impossible to check everything off your bucket list in one trip. However, there are a few activities every traveler need to experience. Here are some Alaskan cruise must do activities that will help make your trip unforgettable.

Alaskan Cruise Must Do Activities

Ride Trains

Alaskan Cruise Must Do Activities,White Pass Railway Views
White Pass Railway Views

Alaska’s land mass is so large that traveling solely on land via a rental car can be overwhelming. Also, there are certain areas inaccessible to automobiles, even though they’re four-wheel drives. An alternative will be to ride trains, particularly near Skagway, the old gold rush boomtown city where you can hop on a train that will take you through the scenic White Pass Railway. Travelers will enjoy magnificent views of snow-capped mountain peaks and towering pine and evergreen trees that cover winding roads with jaw-dropping cliffs. This scenic route to Yukon taken by the gold miners themselves also offers plenty of history to boot.

Another spectacular railway route is the Coastal Classic. Hop aboard the train in Anchorage and head south to Seward where you’ll pass through steep valleys with lush mountains on both sides. There are also plenty of glacier and seaside viewing opportunities as you traverse along the Turnagain Arm.

Train rides in Alaska offer a variety of incredible sceneries that include both coastal and inland beauty. These picturesque views, paired with a relaxing atmosphere on land makes riding trains one of the Alaskan cruise must do activities.

Wonder at glaciers

Alaskan Cruise Must Do Activities,Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Bay National Park

Almost everyone who decides to go on an Alaskan cruise wants to wonder at glaciers. After all, the state has several incredible ones worth seeing with your own eyes. Hubbard, for example, is the largest and most active tidewater glacier. Its tourmaline color, coupled with its size makes for a spectacular background on any photograph. If seeing glaciers are truly what you came to Alaska for, then make sure to include an off the boat excursion to Glacier Bay National Park. Though most cruise ships traverse through it as part of the Inside Passage route, experiencing the national park more intimately will help you appreciate its history and beauty. If you’ve only got time for one off shore activity, definitely put Glacier Bay National park atop of your Alaskan cruise must do activities.

See wildlife

Alaskan Cruise Must Do Activities,Grizzly Bears at Denali
Grizzly Bears at Denali

Wildlife viewing is also another one of those Alaskan cruise must do activities. Whether its large mammals on land or sea, big birds soaring through the mountains or schools of salmon on rivers, Alaska has something for everybody. The state roughly has 50,000 black bears and 35,000 brown bears roaming its vast lands and many tour operators offer excursions where travelers can see them in their element from a safe distance. At Kenai Fjords National Park, the marine life you’re bound to see include sea lions, sea otters, humpback whales, puffins and orcas. If time permits, consider an excursion to Denali National Park as well. This large, protected wilderness is home to several of Alaska’s large mammals and unique flora and fauna.

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