How to Make a Great AirBnB Home

Renting your home and letting strangers in isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, it’s a lucrative way to utilize your assets, especially if you use AirBnB. It connects people looking for affordable accommodation with those offering it, making this process more than easy. But, in order to become relevant on AirBnB, you have to transform your AirBnB home into an attractive and inviting space everyone will love. Here’s how to do it properly.

Clean, Clean, Clean

While most people go to AirBnB to find cheap accommodation, nobody is going to want to stay at your place if it’s dirty. So, before advertising your home, make sure it’s spotless. Clean every single room, use a steam-cleaner to get rid of permanent stains, scrub the kitchen and bathroom and pay close attention to the windows and doors.

Then, make your bed and use clean – why not even new? – linens that will make a great first impression. You don’t have to leave a candy at the pillow, but a clean bed is going to look pretty good, especially after a long journey. Finally, make sure you clean everything regularly – the moment your guests leave, do everything again and be ready for new lodgers. If done frequently, cleaning your home from top to bottom doesn’t have to be that hard.

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Provide Proper Sleep

Speaking of beds, keep in mind that most of your AirBnB renters are just looking for a place to sleep. Most of them are probably visiting your area for a short period of time and prefer being outdoors, exploring the nature and local sights, instead of staying inside. That’s why they’ll need to rest after their busy day, and it’s up to you to ensure that.

Every good bed requires a good mattress, so this is something you should focus on while preparing for your AirBnB home. While most people think that investing some money into the space they want to rent to strangers doesn’t make much sense, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Purchasing a new mattress will give your lodgers a good night’s rest and they’ll review your home more positively because of that. That’s why checking out top rated mattresses is one of the first steps in achieving a positive status on AirBnB.

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Add Something Special

No matter how much time they’ll stay in your home, your AirBnB home guests are going to love getting a little something-something they haven’t expected – an extra set of blankets and mattress pads, a fine selection of DVDs, a microwave oven they can use or some food in the fridge.

These things usually aren’t a part of the deal and you don’t necessarily have to provide them, but it’s nice to give your lodgers a treat or two. It won’t cost you much, yet will make them feel more special and ready to give you a better rating and improve your position in the community. Some of the other things you can offer pro bono are a coffee maker, teapot or kettle, cleaning supplies and toiletries – soap, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, towels, etc. – as well as a fan and a hair dryer. These are just some of the things most AirBnB lodgers forget when packing for their trip, so finding them at your home would be quite nice.

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Enable AirBnB Home Communication Channels

Since most of your guests are coming from abroad, just imagine how they feel upon arriving to a foreign country – they probably don’t know where they are, they don’t speak the language and could even be frightened of the unknown. That’s why they’ll appreciate a friendly face and, what’s even more important, a chance to talk to their family and friends. So, why not give them a chance to do so?

Providing a free Wi-Fi connection in your home is always a good idea. You probably already have a router, so just give the lodgers your password and invite them to use your connection freely. They’ll be able to check the news and contact their home, as well as access Google Maps and make a detailed plan of their activities. Having an Internet connection abroad is more valuable than most people think and you’ll feel wonderful knowing you’ve helped your guests this way.

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Comfort is the Key

Remember – a huge number of AirBnB lodgers love posting their impressions in the comments section and reviewing their hosts, and that’s how your home becomes more or less popular on this service. That’s why a clean space and new mattresses make all the difference!

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