A Pilgrimage Tour of India Will Change Your Life

Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja temple, Chidambaram, India, pilgrimage tour of India
Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja Temple: Photo by Naveen Raj Dhanapal on Unsplash

There are many reasons why the culture of India fascinates millions of people all around the globe. They are drawn by the people’s religious devotion and for the peace India offers its visitor. Every day, thousands of people come to India for a miraculous change of events in their life.

India is a land of gods. Its people indulge every day in cultural events to celebrate spirituality and follow the path of religiousness. With the world’s highest mountain, yoga centers and pilgrimage sites. a pilgrimage tour of India offers a life-changing spiritual journey. People around the world call India a land where miracles occur, and where you can truly communicate with gods.

Here is a detailed description of why one must take a pilgrimage tour of India once in a lifetime.

What’s the real meaning of pilgrimages?

It’s a centuries-old tradition; you could say as old as the world itself. The people of the Hindu community have always gone to temples to worship gods and India has maintained that tradition. The people of India go on pilgrimages to follow the path of spirituality and get blessings from the Almighty.

The message these pilgrimages convey to their devotees is to live a simple life and find your true self, to connect yourself with the gods, to sing the happy tunes of life, and to wonder about the positive aspect of life.

Every pilgrimage worships a different god and follow a different set of rituals and customs. Different pilgrimages attend the temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Goddess Kali, etc. And every temple has a saint who performs rituals of worshipping the deity of pilgrimage. They have a deep knowledge of all the religious texts with which they guide the devotees in their life course. 

After entering a temple, you are asked to wash your hands so as to clean yourself. Then you follow a line of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the deity. This process alone will make you wonder at how religiously active the people are, and how deeply spiritual they are.

Statue of diety, pilgrimage tour of India
Stone elephant statue in India

Reasons to why you must take pilgrimage tour of India

1) To witness a different culture

As many people all over the world say, India works almost opposite from the rest of the world. The culture of India is one that mostly revolves around spirituality. Your pilgrimage tour of India takes you on a life journey where you witness the rich diversified culture of India. You gain a deep understanding of why people in India live a very free-spirited life.

2) To seek a purpose

Sooner or later, we all witness moments where our life only revolves around uncertainty. We feel an outsider in our own life, a lost cause, and wonder where we belong, who we really are. We feel lost in this world. That’s when you can say a pilgrimage tour of India will help show you a path where you actually belong.

Man and sons offering prayers, pilgrimage tour of India
River candle ceremony

3) To reconnect yourself with the Almighty

The greatest purpose a pilgrimage tour of India will offer is a chance to reconnect with the Almighty. Many famous people, from Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates, turned to India for refuge in spirituality and answers in life. Now, they all boast of the time when they reconnected themselves with the Almighty through such a journey.

These reasons are enough to answer your question as to why you should take a pilgrimage tour of India. You will familiarize yourself with powers of spirituality in life

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    The article neatly explains the true meaning of pilgrimage and the reasons why you take a pilgrimage tour to India. It is definite that a pilgrimage to India will help one rejuvenate their mind and body from the stressful factors they are experiencing. However, before taking a spiritual trip to India, it would be better if you know the spiritual hotspots in this country of numerous gods and diverse cultures.


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