9 Reasons to Choose New Zealand as a Destination

New Zealand might be a tiny country, but it’s one of the best destinations for recreational trips. Located southeast of Australia at what is, for many, the far end of the world, you may wonder what can drive your traveling ambition that far. Here are nine of the top reasons to choose New Zealand as a destination for your next holiday.

1. Friendly locals

There is no better place to begin talking about the awesomeness of New Zealand than the people themselves. Kiwis (their well-known and accepted nickname) are friendly people you would like to meet and hang out with. Their warm smiles are something to cherish. They make you feel at home all the time.

New Zealanders’ hospitality is something tourists look forward to when visiting. Try to make as many connections as you can to enhance your tour experience and build your social network.

2. New Zealand is a safe harbor

Security officer going down an escalator; New Zealand as a destination

Most travelers want to enjoy safety during their adventure or stay. If this is true for you, you’ll want to visit New Zealand. There is a very small chance of ever encountering security problems as a visitor.

Even though New Zealand is close to Australia, there are no deadly creatures in the wild. You can fulfill your tour adventure there without fear of anything biting you. Be sure to mark New Zealand as a destination on your scratch-off map of the world!

3. Favorable climate

Many people are reluctant to take their holidays during winter because they don’t like the cold. As a traveler, you may not care for a scorching summer sun, either.

For this reason, you should consider New Zealand as a destination for your holiday adventures. In New Zealand, you can expect warm temperatures without much seasonal difference. Many places to stay in New Zealand are close to beaches. They allow you to enjoy the warm sunshine with mild temperatures.

4. Numerous activities

Sign showing distances to many places at Bluff near Invercargill; New Zealand as a destination
Signpost at Bluff near Invercargill

Whatever outdoor activity you want to engage in, think of New Zealand as a destination. As a country made up of the North Island, South Island and more than 600 small islands, you are close to water almost everywhere you go. Enjoy the beach life provided by 9,300 miles of coastline.

In New Zealand you’re never more than 100 miles from numerous spots for activities like surfing, kayaking, kite-surfing, swimming, parachuting and many more. Dry land activities like caving and four wheeling are also available within your daily reach.

5. Unique wildlife

Kiwi crossing sign; New Zealand as a destination

As a tourist, you don’t want to see the same things in every place you visit. A change in environment, vegetation, wildlife and scenery is what inspires tourists in various parts of the world. That change is what New Zealand brings you.

The first unique New Zealand creature you will notice is the kiwi—a bird that does not fly. The kiwi is even the national symbol of New Zealand. You will also come across many indigenous forest trees and other animals you have not seen anywhere else. The country is unique, and your expectations should be, too.

6. Convenience in traveling

New Zealand has an excellent road network that covers the entire country. As a tourist, you will find it easy to hop in the car and go from place to place on smooth roads without traffic jams. You will arrive at your adventure and activity destination faster than in many congested countries.

In addition to easy transportation from one point to another, you’ll find readily accessible tourism information centers all across the country. In each town, the information office will provide the directions and assistance you need to enjoy your travel adventure.

7. Wonderful for Solo adventures

Car on the side of the road at sunset with mountains behind

Do you want to spend the holidays all by yourself with minimal distractions? New Zealand as a destination allows you to go on a vacation where you will encounter no congestion. The country has a low population when you compare it with its land mass.

As a solo traveler, you will find it convenient in New Zealand to carry on with your adventures. All you have to do is take a ride from the coast to less-densely populated places.

8. The amazing beauty

Close up of Mt Cook; New Zealand as a destination
Aoraki/Mount Cook

You cannot talk about the awesomeness of a place without mentioning its landscape and scenery. Some of the world’s most scenic places are in New Zealand. You will love its beauty while enjoying your outdoor activities.

Whether you want to see the the Southern Alps or the North Island geothermals, you have everything you need. Book a stay where you can see the glaciers and other scenery when choosing New Zealand as a destination.

9. Activities for all seasons

Sometimes what hinders people from going on vacation is the time of year when they have time off. The good news is that New Zealand offers adventure whatever the season. Go bushwalking during apring when the temperatures are favorable. Winter is ideal for skiing, while beach activities are suitable for summer. All you need to do is check when your holiday is due and prepare for the best activities in New Zealand during that time.

In summary

New Zealand may be a long way from home, but it’s such an appealing place to visit. There are so many reasons to choose New Zealand as your next travel destination. It has everything you need, no matter how far from home!

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