8 Reasons Why Tourists Go to Asia

Great Wall Of China, 8 reasons why tourists go to Asia
Great Wall Of China

It is almost summer once again and vacation time for most of us. We can leave our condo in Lahug and visit other provinces and even countries. But have you ever wondered why there are many tourists that go on a vacation in Asia? For sure, there a hundred and one reasons why but to sum it all up, we summarized it into just 8 reasons why tourists go to Asia on their holidays.

8 reasons why tourists go to Asia

Delicious food to try

Every continent in our world has different tastes to offer. As for Asian countries, we are home to commonly saucy and spicy foods. Aside from that, we also have exotic foods that will drive the tourists crazy for sure!

In the Philippines alone, we have unique dishes that will excite our visitors – sisig, bopis, and kilawin which are very good for drinking sessions; sinigang, adobo, and nilaga – the classic Filipino food! As for the unusual food that everybody should try when they visit our country, we have balut, penoy, one-day-old chick, and other exotic street foods like betamax and isaw.

Balut (fertilised bird egg – usually a duck) popular as street food in the Philippines

Electricity and technology is not a problem

If you are looking for a comfortable trip where you won’t have any concerns about electricity and technology, Asian countries are good places to visit. In most Asian countries and its tourist destinations, electricity supply is not scarce. You can easily charge your travel gadgets and have a good signal as well. Most restaurants and shops offer free WiFi.

It is cheap and budget-friendly

Unlike other continents and countries, Asian countries are more affordable to be traveled to. If you are coming from an Asian country and going to another, it is VISA free. Most airline fares go sale as well! And mind you, it is really for a lower price. Aside from the budget-friendly mode of transportation, the expenses are also for a reasonable price.

Board and lodging, food, and other costs of living are also cheap. There are a number of blogs about Asian countries and how you can travel and purchase goods for a great price.

Mode of transportation is not complicated

Apart from being cheap and budget-friendly, mode of transportation is not tricky! Public transportation is not so much of a problem (maybe it is for the Philippines?). And in this digital age, we can book our rides – hassle-free with the use of different TNVs (i.e., Grab, Uber).

Just like any countries that just border away from each other, train systems are something tourists would love. If you have enough budget and time, you can visit multiple countries only by hopping on trains that are crossing borders (legally, okay).

Wonderful and beautiful beaches

Asian countries only have two seasons – wet and dry, or rainy and summer. Tourists can have a good chance of visiting our beautiful and beautiful beaches in a more extended period. Foreign tourists may not have the heat that we usually endure or enjoy here in Asia especially during summer. For sure, they would love to get their skin tanned and enjoy the big waves in our seas.

In the Philippines, we have many islands that boast stunning beaches. We have the famous Boracay, Coron, El Nido, and if you want to surf, there are Baler in Aurora and San Juan in La Union.

Krabi Island
Krabi Island

Perfect landscapes and breathtaking views

Not only Asian countries home lovely and beautiful beaches, but our weather and climate systems also nurture our forests and mountains very well. We have perfect landscapes and breathtaking views that tourists would surely love to see! A few days of vacation will not be enough to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place.

Hiking and trekking are the activities that will make you fall in love with the beauty of nature here in Asia. Be sure that you have your cameras with you to take great pictures of these superb views.

Fun nightlife and parties

Guess what, we got the best of both worlds! You want to enjoy nature and party at night? Yes, we got it all for you! There are lots of clubs and restobars in the metro, even in the provinces and tourist destinations. We got you covered 24/7, so you won’t be bored.

Night Party
Night Party

Rich in culture and history

Last but not the least, Asian countries are affluent in culture and history. If you are interested in this kind of things, going on a tour and listening to your guides’ stories (aside from reading some notes online) will surely interest you. You get to appreciate the place, even more, knowing that there are deeper and fascinating stories beneath these wonderful locations.

The people too are easy to mingle with. Most, if not all Asian can speak English well, so language is not so much of a concern. Though of course, we have different identities and personalities I would like to believe Asian people are loving people.

For you – what do you think makes Asia a unique place to visit? Each of us has diverse reasons why tourists love to go to our area. Whatever it is, we should not forget to nurture and protect what we have. It is not because our government and fellows gain business out of it, but because it is our home.

More tourists will surely visit Asia if they see that the people take care what we have and that we love it wholeheartedly.

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