7 World’s Best Destinations for a Bachelor Party in 2019

With so many amazing destinations to visit, picking where to jet off to for your bachelor party can be difficult. Bachelor parties are usually for the groom’s buddies. They take advantage of stag parties to travel to fun destinations and enjoy golfing, paintballing, and partying the night away. The pillar of a mind-blowing bachelor party is finding the right place. You need to select a location that hosts numerous fun activities within a comfortable budget. These seven best bachelor party destinations in the world will help you put an end to singlehood.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the best American bachelorette party destinations. It offers everything you need for adult party entertainment. The city possesses a unique diversity. Be it the nightclubs, pool parties, or gambling, Las Vegas parties are unforgettable. There are plenty of impressive hotels for every budget. Golfing is a great way to start your day before it gets hot. If you want to shoot guns or go paintballing, you can find facilities for that as well. You can have pool parties in the afternoon with plenty of drinks and antics. The numerous steakhouses and restaurants offer a wide range of options for food.

Miami, Florida

view of miami beach

Miami should be on your list of bachelor trip destinations if you are a party enthusiast. You can party all day and night on the beach or in a club. Have a pool party and soak in the sun while enjoying a beer. The weather is excellent (apart from the hurricane season), and there are plenty of places to golf. The many great restaurants will ensure you eat the best food. However, Miami is not your place if you are on a tight budget.

Montreal, Canada

view of montreal at night

Montreal is a mini-Paris in the middle of Canada that will not put a huge dent in your bank account. It has a European feel with French-inspired meals and beautiful accommodation. Quebec has tons of bars and clubs for late-night parties. You can hit the casinos if you are a fan of gambling, although they don’t have much to offer regarding gaming tables. You can attend the summer festivals featuring jazz, comedy, and fantastic beer.


Barcelona lets you have a fancy party and excellent accommodation at an affordable price. It has fantastic nightclubs for bachelor parties. Being a sports town, you can grab tickets for a football match and cheer for your teams with your buddies.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney also hosts a variety of entertainment options and has an exciting nightlife that is perfect for your bucks party in Australia. You can kick off your night with a comedy show before clubbing. Clubs are open all night long, and there are gentlemen’s clubs with live entertainment. Enjoy traditional and exotic foods from various restaurants. You can spend the day go-karting and playing competitive games like paintball. While away your afternoon on a private cruise on Sydney Harbour with plenty of food and drinks.  

Ibiza, Spain

rocky beach in ibiza

If clubbing is all you want to do for your bachelor party, then Ibiza is the place to go. Explore the numerous clubs and experience the best electronic music by famous DJs. Spend the day on a private cruise partying and relaxing with your friends. Participate in speed boating and go-karting.


Mexico, famous for its beaches and the party scene, is among the best bachelor party destinations in the world. Take part in surfing, hiking and mountain climbing when you are not partying. Riviera Maya has highly-rated restaurants and plenty of party options. A variety of seafood and customised cocktails will keep your taste buds alive.

With so many fantastic destinations to choose from, there’s no reason to ever have a mediocre bachelor party.

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