7 Tips For Your Next Business Trip Planning

In a modern world, the means of travel have become so sophisticated that we can reach places on the other end of the globe in a matter of hours. Because of this, as a species, we are becoming ever more nomadic. Now, seeing how packing to go on a long distance voyage is far from simple; some of the more experienced business travelers have made whole rituals in order to make them cope with it. You see, while going on a business trip can be a great adventure; it packs more than few difficulties you will have to either put up with or find a solution for. With this in mind, business trip planning is very important. Here are seven things you need to plan before your next business trip.

Business Trip Planning: 7 Things You Need to Do

1.      Schedule Your Trip

Even though you may want to mingle with the locals, get a taste of a local cuisine, enjoy a nightlife in a foreign country and visit some historical landmarks, keep in mind why you are there in the first place. A business trip is ‘business’ first and a ‘trip’ second, so your primary goal should be making a necessary agreement or connection come to life. Once you are done with your primary objective, you will have time to do some of the abovementioned things, although probably not all of them. This is why, you need to make a proper schedule of your itinerary beforehand in order to try and squeeze as many of the abovementioned activities as possible in a limited time-span.

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Waiting in the Airport: Photo on Flickr by Laszlo Ilyes / CC BY 2.0

2.      Pack Smart

Next thing you need to think about is your luggage. It is vital that you bring your phone and laptop, a set of chargers, a suit for the meeting and of course a change of clothes. Aside from that, you don’t have to over pack. In fact, the lighter your luggage is, the easier it will be for you to maneuver around the airport as well as pack and unpack once you reach your lodging.

Pack Smart, business trip planning
Pack Smart: Photo on Flickr by Scott Barron / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

3.      Plan Your Budget

Another thing you need to do while on this trip is plan your budget accordingly. You see, while keeping track of your expenses may not be a difficult task at home, here you will have a wide array of additional expenses to worry about. As if this weren’t complicated enough, you would have to calculate these expenses in a foreign currency and then convert it back to your own in order to get a realistic sense of how much you actually spent. Then, you need to keep your company’s travel policy in mind in case you have to submit an expense report. This in particular can be troublesome, which is why you need to deal with it as soon as possible.

4.      Bring Some Entertainment

In the aforementioned case of traveling across the globe; you are bound to be faced with a long and arduous flight. Because of that, you might want to bring some entertainment along. Luckily, with a laptop and a smartphone you can always have your favorite TV show or a movie to keep you company. Some even prefer playing a video game during their flight. On the other hand, there are those who like to keep things old-school and bring a book to keep them company on this long journey. The choice is all yours.

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Airport Lounge: Photo on Flickr by TravelingOtter / CC BY-SA 2.0

5.      Think About Target Destination Commute

Flying to your target destination is just one part of your commute-related problem that you will have to think about. Once you reach your destination what then? Well, you could call a cab, but arriving at a designated meeting place in a cab doesn’t leave much of an impression on those you are supposed to meet.

Waiting And Searching, Baiyun Airport, business trip planning
Waiting And Searching

Imagine a scenario where you are landing in Perth in order to make a multi-million-dollar deal. It would be much smarter to look for local rent-a-car companies online or see what other options regarding airport transfers Perth has to offer. Some of them provide you with a luxury car and a professional chauffeur that will take you to your target destination. Speaking about making a good first impression, it simply doesn’t get any more impressive.

6.      Get Properly Rested

Seeing how you will have to negotiate on behalf of your entire company; it is vital that you are on top of your game. For this, however, you need to get properly rested. There are two ways to do so and the choice is yours. The first one is to go to your target destination well ahead of time, get to your hotel room and catch forty winks. The second one is to learn how to sleep on a plane.

7.      Leave Your Home in a Perfect Order

Finally, in order to be able to focus on the task at hands; you need to be 100 percent sure you left your home in a perfect condition. Make a list before you go consisting of items such as:

  • a) check the oven
  • b) check the locks and the windows
  • c) get the groceries for your fridge, etc.

All in all, returning to your completely safe, clean and fully stocked home can give a huge morale boost on your next trip.

By undertaking these seven simple steps before your next business trip; you can ensure that this entire journey goes as smoothly as possible. In this way, you will be able to ensure maximum efficiency regarding your business task, as well as turn this business trip into an enjoyable affair altogether.

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