7 Ideal Tropical Wedding Destinations

The backdrop for your wedding should be as special as the person of your dreams. You should settle for nothing less than the most stellar backdrop where you will ceremoniously tie the knot. Of course, we all have different ideas on what makes a perfect wedding destination. But tropical locales have never been hotter. If you want to have an alluring celebration of love amidst the palm trees set against the ocean view, here are seven ideal tropical wedding destinations that’ll give you just that.

Best 7 Tropical Wedding Destinations around the World


This captivating tropical island in the middle of Pacific is often overlooked because it belongs to the Society Islands of French Polynesia – the “clique” that boasts tourist paradises such as Tahiti and Bora Bora. Mo’orea, which lies just off the coast of Tahiti, has jaw-dropping natural beauties that can easily contend with Bora Bora’s stellar landscapes. And it is not as pricey. In a way, this island is a quintessential tropical destination for a wedding. It has it all: the untamed greenery, turquoise lagoons to die for, and some truly captivating luxury hotel venues.

Moorea, French Polynesia
Moorea, French Polynesia

Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world numerous times? If you are even slightly superstitious (and most of us are, just a tad bit) it’s only logical that you should pick this tropical paradise as the location for your wedding! If the fate of one’s marriage is determined by the conditions of that fateful day, your joyous destiny should be sealed on Costa Rica! This can be both the place where you tie the knot and a lavishing honeymoon spot. The country has captivating black sand and white sand beaches. So you can go on a sunset horseback ride with your beloved. It’s the ultimate romantic fantasy.


Many people have heard about Aruba through the first season of “Friends”, a destination where Rachel was supposed to go on a honeymoon with Barry. There is a good reason why this specific destination was picked by screenwriters – this Caribbean island is practically synonymous with “lovers’ getaway”.

Aruba, Caribbean

The island has enchanting tropical beaches; and it is renowned for its top-notch services that attract tourists from every corner of the world. However, the main thing that sells this destination is the stable and predictable weather. This means that your tropical wedding won’t be ruined by the unpredictable downpour!


If you want to have an alluring tropical wedding and a hip urban adventure to boot, you won’t find a better destination for it than Sydney. The capital of the New South Wales is a popular playground for countless fresh couples and it’s easy to see why – the convenient urban layout with impeccable services and accommodations mix well with the romantic

Pacific landscapes. Naturally, the wider area has numerous venues to pick and choose from, but you will find that the finest garden wedding venues in Sydney offer the boutique approach. These unique venues offer distinctively designed backdrops; and features where you can have the closest thing to one-of-a-kind tropical wedding destinations.


Still, Sydney is not the only location that offers the perfect synergy of urban and tropical. Miami, Florida has been the go-to destination for tourists of all generations, and while it is often synonymous with elder lifestyle, it’s also an upbeat and colorful tropical location for a wedding.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida
Fort Lauderdale Beach. Image: Trover by Lucas

You are bound to find at least one ideal location along the 1,328 kilometers of coastline! Orlando is also quite a hip destination if you are not in the mood for a Miami wedding.


Tropical is an umbrella term that denotes a large number of impressive locations around the world. While people typically associate this term with palm trees and sandy ocean coastlines, you can also find it on the Old Continent, along the spectacular rocky shores of Greece. Head to this land of antiquity with your loved one and have the most epic backdrop for your wedding.


Take time to look for perfect venues on the islands of Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes, just make sure to have all the necessary documentation translated to Greek alphabet at least six months in advance! Believe us, it is well worth the hassle.


Pacific is vast and its waves hide a treasure trove of tropical wedding destinations to die for. The Melanesian island country of Fiji is the go-to destination for deep divers and eco-adventurers. But its welcoming locals and impeccable staff offer a range of choices for lovers that want to celebrate their union too. Fiji consists of over 300 islands and a large number of them boast dreamlike resorts that will make you gasp. While the administrative process is not as lengthy as the one in the case of Greece, you should still have everything ready at least three weeks in advance to get the ball rolling.

Dravuni Island, Fiji,tropical wedding destinations
Dravuni Island, Fiji

Tropical wedding destinations have this primordial, untamed quality that draws people in. They remind us of nature’s staggering beauty and the abundance of life this planet has birthed. As such, these landscapes are the epitomized celebration of life. This is why the most vibrant destinations in the equatorial belt are such popular tourist destinations; and why so many love-struck couples decide to tie the knot surrounded with palm trees and splashing waves.

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