7 Essential Hair Care Tips for Surfers

When you are surfing, your hair gets damaged from the sun and saltwater. Therefore, you need to protect your hair before going heading out. Here are 7 essential hair care tips for surfers to help prevent damage and improve the health of your hair.

Wet your hair before getting into the water

Woman at the beach with wet hair in a bun facing the water; hair care tips for surfers

Research shows that dry hair has the ability to absorb lots of water. This is why when you go surfing your head becomes heavy from absorbing tons of saltwater. The trick is to avoid this by wetting your hair before hitting the waves. Get in a shower by the beach and thoroughly wet your hair. This will help prevent damage by limiting absorption of saltwater.

Apply coconut oil before surfing

You should rub a teaspoon of coconut oil from the middle to the tips of your hair. Coconut oil is one of the important oils that are sources of medium-chain fatty acids. The vitamins and fats in coconut oil will penetrate your air acting as a deep conditioner. The oil also provides a barrier between the saltwater and your hair. Therefore, your hair will not form knots, and it will be easy to manage after surfing.

Braid your hair

Woman standing outside braiding her hair; hair care tips for surfers

After applying the conditioner, it is important to braid the roots of your hair if it is long. This will reduce the hair’s exposure to sun and water. Moreover, braiding locks in the conditioner in your long hair.

Apply conditioner before you surf

Applying a conditioner is another essential hair care tip for surfers. The conditioner acts similar to sunscreen on your face. It also protects your hair from absorbing the saltwater and your hair will feel smooth after surfing. However, you should ensure you are using a conditioner that does not have toxic ingredients such as parabens and oxybenzone. These ingredients can be toxic to aquatic animals.

Don’t over-shampoo your hair

Two women heading into the water with surfboards
Surfing in Brazil: Photo © Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

It’s important to rinse your hair with fresh water after surfing to remove the salt. However, it is not wise to over-shampoo your hair. This will strip off the oils that your hair needs. You can wash it using a reasonable amount of shampoo and then use a conditioner to smoothen it. If you surf two days in a row, you should shampoo your hair after the second day.

Use keratin-smoothing treatment

Your hair is exposed to saltwater, sun and wind when you are surfing. Therefore, it is going to be dry and dirty and you need to wash it after surfing. Rinse your hair with fresh water to get rid of the salt. Then apply a keratin smoothing treatment, which helps to refresh your hair. You can use the treatment as a mask by letting it sit for about ten minutes before washing it off. This treatment will make your hair look healthy and shiny.

Eat healthy foods

Person holding a bowl of grains and fruit; hair care tips for surfers
Healthy Food: Photo © Louise Burton on Unsplash

Your surfer hair is going to go through a lot Therefore, you need to eat healthy to supply your hair with essential minerals. Eat good natural fats, proteins, yoghurt, almonds, whole grain cereals and leafy green vegetables. These foods will provide your hair with the essential minerals and vitamins to stay healthy.


These tips for hair care for surfers will help save your hair. Surfing is a fun activity. But you should follow the above tips to keep your hair healthy. These tips can be implemented both before and after surfing.

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