7 good reasons to go to mountains on summer holidays

Mountains are usually popular destinations in winter breaks. People go there to ski, enjoy the snowy landscapes and take some great breathes of fresh air. But with all the other assets they have, mountains seem to be also the perfect destinations in summer. Forget about the usual beaches and go to the mountaintops which offer a huge range of activities. Here are the 7 best reasons to pick the mountains over the beaches for the summer holidays.

7 good reasons to go to mountains on summer holidays

1: Have Active Holidays

Except from some Zumba sessions on the beach, which may only happen once in a while, you will not have the chance to spend much energy. The hot temperatures will make want to only stay comfy on the beach and get tanned on your towel. May be you will be able to swim but mountains provide more significant advantages. You can take long walks, hike, and do some bike rides in nature with the beautiful sun and the pure mountain air.

Hiking at Torres del Paine, 7 good reasons to go to mountains on summer holidays
Hiking at Torres del Paine

2: Enjoy the Richness and Diversity of Landscapes

Hiking the average mountains’ trails, climbing up to reach the peaks, crossing the pastures, going through the steep ridges, or just walking through larch forests, mountains offer a thousand and one landscapes more stunning the ones than the others. Between lakes and rivers, shelves and slopes, valleys and summits, the topography vary and leave no room for monotony.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park - National Parks in Tasmania

3: Escape from the Mass Tourism

The aim of holidays is to leave all the everyday concerns behind. By going to the beach in summer, prepare yourself to spend your holidays with crowds, which can be stressful. So be wise and opt for the mountains where you can be left alone with breathtaking natural sceneries. Even for the accommodation, mountain renting is way cheaper and calm in that period of the year. You will have a bunch of choices, hotel, chalet, apartment, etc.

4: Discover New Food

With all the multitude of farmhouses, host tables and restaurants, a mountain vacation is also the perfect choice for gastronomy lovers. Cheese, meat, forest fruits, wild berries, mushrooms, cereals and vegetables of all kinds, mountains are such natural huge pantries where cooks never have difficulty to find inspirations. From valley to valley, you can discover new culinary specialties.

Sampling of food at La Guapachosa
La Guapachosa

5: Discover Natural and Cultural Heritages

Mountains are endowed with wonders sculpted by the nature over time: waterfalls, lakes, rivers, sea ice, cliffs, caves and so on. Most of them are accessible to tourists. This rich natural heritage makes mountains a tremendous summer destination for all those who are thirsting for discoveries. Otherwise, you can also visit churches, museums, castles, former quarry areas, fortified villages, and many other atypical and unique places that tell history.

Temple in Nepal
Temple in Nepal

6: Meet New People and Exchange with Them

The beaches might be overcrowded in summer but answer frankly to the next question: once comfortably laid on your beach towel, do you ever get interested in the surrounding people’s lives? Not really, huh? But mountains have that special feature of putting everyone at the same level: on the same trails, the same alleys, walking or cycling together. There is no social barrier that may keep you away from talking to one another.

7: To ski in Summer

Isn’t that exciting? While everybody else is suffering from heat, you can calmly chill out with the opportunity to practice winter sports right in the middle of summer. Imagine skiing along wonderful trails while breathing fresh air and admiring a magical scenery. To make the best of your trip, choose the perfect mountain destination with a beautiful ski resort. One of the most popular is the French Alps but you can also choose another European or American skiable domain.

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