7 Fun Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Brisbane

Sad Golden Retriever waiting for a friend; dog-friendly places in Brisbane
Golden Retriever: Photo © Facebook: PatchPets

Dog owners feel guilty when they want to leave the house and their dog gives them a sad look. Pets become part of the family and involving them in family activities strengthens the friendship. You don’t have to leave your furry friend behind as you go about your business in Brisbane. Here are some fun dog-friendly activities you can do with your dog as you explore the vastness of Brisbane.

Shop for groceries together

Your pet can exercise as you shop for fresh farm produce. Some of the dog-friendly markets in Brisbane are Milton Markets, Manly Markets and Eat Street Markets. However, you have to know which areas within the markets allow your dog to wander off while off the leash and those that require the dogs to be on the leash.

Fine dine with your pet

As you go out for lunch or dinner on a lazy weekend, you don’t have to leave your paw friend behind. Brisbane has some amazing restaurants with dog menus. It surely doesn’t get any better than that. You can enjoy your coffee or espresso as your dog enjoys some cookie or cake. Some of the dog-friendly restaurants are MT Cup Espresso, Arthur’s Green, and Bellissimo Coffee Bulimba.

Take your dog to the park

Gordon Park offers your four-legged pal the opportunity to play with other dogs while off the leash. The park even has a stream where the pets can have a swim to cool off. Once in a while, you can take your dog out into the park so that they can make friends with other dogs.

Take the dog to the Million Paws Event

A Million Paws Walk is an event that takes place each year along the Brisbane River and specifically at the South Bank. The event is aimed at raising funds to help rescue abandoned dogs. By letting your dog participate, you not only help create awareness against animal cruelty but also let your doggie interact with other dogs.

Take your pooch to the countryside

Small Dachsund dog in mid-air while running
Frisky Dachsund: Photo © m.maddo on Flickr

Want your dog to have fun while they learn a skill or two? Then take him or her to a countryside farm where they can chase some sheep while off-leash. The activity is fun for your dog while they also learn to hunt and control themselves while not on the leash. One such farm is at 49 Stirling Rd Peachester. Besides, the farm is located in a cool environment that has scenic views for your relaxation.

Go kayaking at Colmslie Boat Ramp

Kayaking with your family is fun but can be even more enjoyable if your furry friend can tag along. However, make sure your pet has a life vest on to avoid accidents that can cost their life. Also, ensure that your dog doesn’t get into the waters since sharks may be present.

Fix your dog a play date

Two dogs at a table with tea cups
Tea for Two: Photo © Facebook: PatchPets

A free dog social app like PatchPets can help you find play dates for your furry friends. Dogs and other pets can feel lonely, just like humans. You can, therefore, match your dog with a play date in pet-friendly parks near you. What’s more, as the pets play pet owners can also socialize and create lasting relationships.


Close up of dog's face

You don’t have to leave your doggie behind as you go about your daily activities because there are many pet-friendly places in Brisbane. Besides, there are many things to do with dogs in Brisbane. For instance, you can go shopping for groceries in the market, go kayaking, use Patchpets to get your dog play date, go out for lunch or dinner together, take your pet to the park, or even let your pooch participate in the Million Paws annual event.

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