7 Creative Ways to Display Vacation Memories

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The happy memories of precious moments spent with dear ones on vacations are something to cherish all your life. The pictures of memorable trips are sort of an asset for a traveler. Technology has made it easy to catch the memorable moments and save them for a long time. Many social media-savvy people share their pictures and status instantly on Facebook. But you can further flaunt these golden memories on your home walls. Here are some creative ways to display vacation memories.

Old-school photo journal

Developing a catalogue of your pics in an analogue format makes for a viewing treat. The other option is a handmade variety decorated with envelopes and pockets. These are very useful for showcasing your eye-catching vacation memories.

A quick scrapbook

As they say, “Old is gold,” and the old method to display vacation memories is to prepare a traditional scrapbooks with glue, paper and scissors. It’s a good way not only to save your pictures but also to share special mementos of your trip, like framed maps.

Display on wall

Photos hung on wall; display vacation memories

Rather than hiding your photos in a scrapbook or journal, why not display vacation memories on your walls? This can be done in different styles and sequences, like small- or medium-sized frames displaying pictures of different sizes. You can also craft memory boards or put pictures on your refrigerator. Another innovative idea is to convert your pictures into a magnet using web-based or app-based services.

Digital scrapbook

With innovations in technology, you can create your own travel story with digital scrapbook apps and websites. All you need to do is select a layout and add personal notes, remarks, music and photographs. Another advantage of going digital is you don’t need to carry albums; everything will be available on your mobile app or website. You have the freedom to go without carrying albums or actual photographs. There are many options available on mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

A photo collage

A collage is a great way to display vacation memories. With the advantage of technology, photo collage apps allow you to compile multiple trips into a smart summary for sharing on social media or with friends. A collage allows you to share multiple pictures in one go without going to tweet every single one. Some of the apps allow you to zoom or adjust your picture with a grid and swap other image options.

Electronic log

Person working with photos on laptop

Technology now allows you to capture and save every moment of your travel memories. This is particularly beneficial for the digital-savvy travelers who like to record every move and incident during their trip. There are apps available both on Android and iOS like LiveTrekker and Jauntlet. These apps allow you to record your day-to-day activities, moments, memories and recommendations. You may love web-based travel diaries that allow you to write stories of your memorable trips by chapters. You can add pictures to every related moment and share with friends on social media. Another advantage is that the complete journal can be printed for a fee.

Collaboration with friends

If your friends are also part of your vacation memories, you can take your travel photography to the next level by mixing your photos with your friends’. The shared moments will be relived by collaborating with your friends and adding their comments. Enjoy different perspectives on the moments, thoughts, activities and stories. You can customize this collaborated collage with designed layouts and templates.

I hope these ideas will make you eager to create and display your own vacation memories. Just select one or many ways to create the memories and display them on your home walls, digital diaries or social media platforms. Traveling to amazing places within and outside your country is something wonderful to share with the other people. You may inspire them to plan their own adventures.

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