7 Considerations in Booking a Hotel

Thanks to innovations in technology, globalization and the internet, many people around the world can finally travel conveniently. Modern technology has allowed people to select their destinations and make travel arrangements with ease. Just a few clicks or taps get the job done, and you’re ready to go. But choosing the best hotel is still an important and challenging part of the equation. Here are seven essential considerations in booking a hotel for your next expedition.

1. Location, location, location

Hotel pool in Saint Tropez, France; considerations in booking a hotel
Saint Tropez, France: Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

Location is one of the most important considerations in booking a hotel. You wouldn’t want to stay some place that is miles away from all public transport and the city center. You would have to spend hours walking to the nearest public transport or spend a lot on cabs.

Most websites these days do attach a brief description of where the hotel is located and how far is it from landmarks in the city. From the given information, you can use Google Maps to calculate distance to public transport and effort needed.

2. Get the most out of discounts

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More often than not, traveling is heavy on bank accounts. Many people travel within a tight budget. Even if you aren’t on a restrictive budget, it is beneficial for you to look into discounts and loyalty points offered by hotels, such as Marriott codes. Booking websites also offer many discount vouchers and other perks to travelers.

3. Breakfast

No matter where you go, you will always be looking for places to eat. It’s good to consider breakfast options available at your hotel. Many offer a breakfast buffet for free, although that usually means your room rate is a little higher.

Even if the extra dollars start to put you off choosing a breakfast-inclusive option, remember it can save you from spending a lot more elsewhere. It’s always nice to grab a meal where you’re staying instead of hustling to find a meal in a foreign country.

4. Wifi availability

Over the years, access to the internet has become almost as necessary as a meal. It’s a part of everything we do now. When surveying options, make sure that your room has wifi access.

Wifi is sometimes complementary, but some hotels do charge a little extra for internet connectivity. Meanwhile, others restrict the number of devices connected to it. It’s best to check with your intended hotel about internet accessibility.

5. Read reviews

While browsing the internet for hotels, most booking websites have a customer feedback and review section. Although it isn’t advisable to trust everything you read on the internet, going through reviews and understanding the highs and lows of a hotel can help you make an informed decision.

Of course, there will always be the odd disgruntled visitor who expected something extraordinary from a one- or two-star outlet. It’s best to keep your mind open while judging these customer comments on hotels.

6. Family-friendly hotels

This part demands some consideration when you are traveling with family and kids. Many hotels have special family discounts and offers. Budget hotels aren’t always what’s best for the whole family. It is better to consider options that cater to your family’s needs the best.

7. Variety of rooms

Person opening door to hotel room

Every hotel has its own array of room sizes and beds. There are dedicated smoking and non-smoking rooms. It’s best if you check carefully what kind of beds you get in a hotel, especially if your family is traveling with you. It should be comfortable enough to satisfy your needs.

It’s best to always look for options that have pictures to display. It will not only give you the best idea of how the room looks but will also make you confident of spending quality time with your family at the hotel.

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