7 Best Canadian Tourist Activities

When we hear about tourist attractions in Canada, most of us tend to think of spots like the Rocky Mountains or the Niagara Falls. Sure, these are cool places, but on my own trips to Canada, I’ve found out that there are many more spots, which although, aren’t popular, still offer a lot of fun and natural attractions. On my trips to Canada I’ve discovered these amazing Canadian tourist activities to myself. If you ever decide to travel to Canada either for a vacation or to tour the country, then you mustn’t miss out on these seven unique activities.

7 Best Canadian Tourist Activities

1. Keep up to date with the Dinosaurs

7 best Canadian Tourist Activities, dinosaur, singapore zoo

Have you ever heard about dinosaurs? Do you want to uncover one? I bet you want to. Who wouldn’t like such an adventure? To make it a reality, just pack your bags and head straight to Drumheller, the Dinosaur capital of the world. No doubt, it will be one of your greatest experiences. It sounds too good to be true though, right? Well, you can find out for yourself.

2. Ski at Banff National Park

7 Best Canadian Tourist Activities, Lake Louise Mountain Summit, Banff National Park
Lake Louise Mountain Summit, Banff National Park. Flickr: Kyle Pearce / CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you tried skiing on more than one world-class resort? If not, then you would want to check out the number one tourist spot. This is one of the most Canadian tourist activities to do. Interestingly, Banff National Park is also the first national park in Canada. So prepare to experience a lot of history as you navigate the area.

3. Visit Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada, 7 Best Canadian Tourist Activities
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Every one of us loves fairy tales but unfortunately, we never get to experience any of it. Well, here is your chance to finally feel the fairies. A visit to the Waterton National Park will leave you with the best tales of your life. Considering the fact that the park is quite hidden to most tourists unlike other parks in the region, the atmosphere is always calm.

4. Tour Toronto – Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, 7 Best Canadian Tourist Activities

This list will not be complete without mentioning this great city. Here you find the famous CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame. There are so many activities to do and a variety of shops to visit. If you haven’t done all the Canadian tourist activities in this place, then you never really visited Canada.

5. Check out the Polar Bear capital

How about going for a sightseeing at the polar bear capital of the world? A visit to Churchill – Manitoba is definitely something you shouldn’t ignore. Here you have the chance of spotting some of Nature’s most amazing creatures such as the polar bear, beluga whale, and various kinds of birds.

Polar Bear and cubs at Churchill, Manitoba, 7 Best Canadian Tourist Activities
Polar Bear and cubs at Churchill, Manitoba

6. Work out at Batoche National Historic site

The Batoche National Historic site is one of the places in the country that best describes the country’s history and heritage. You will see many marks of war in the place that will remind you of the Northwest Resistance that took place in 1885. Apart from that, the landscape of the area makes it ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities especially canoeing, hiking, and kayaking.

7. Visit Charlevoix

You don’t want to miss a charming train ride through the beautiful landscape of Quebec to Charlevoix. The area is always busy with activities all year round, especially fishing, whale watching, dog sledding, hiking, and skiing. Without a second thought, Charlevoix is a perfect getaway for singles, couples, and families.

Snowboarding Charlevoix Quebec
Snowboarding, Charlevoix, Quebec: Flickr by Viv Lynch / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Hope you enjoyed the list. Make sure you visit one of these places whenever you plan to tour Canada.

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