6 Ways To Look Stylish While Traveling

Have you started cringing while looking at your travel photos, where you look exactly like any other backpacker? Traveling is great, but the moment it becomes a lifestyle, it demands a few sacrifices. Experienced travelers know all too well that it is all about being comfortable, but traveling lifestyle should not eliminate style. In fact, it is quite easy to look stylish on the road and still manage to travel lightly. Make a list of few matching clothing items that you’ll be able to wear on different occasions and voila! Here are a few tips on how to look stylish while traveling which will help you pack your bags cleverly.

Look Stylish While Traveling

6 Ways To Look Stylish While Traveling


Irreplaceable item, not only when traveling but in day-to-day life. Whether going to the gym or a nightclub, pair of leggings are the perfect piece of clothing that will make you look good and trendy. Not to mention that they are comfortable and allow free movement, therefore, ideal for traveling. Look for the ones that are thick and resemble pants, preferably in a dark color, since you can match them with anything, from sportswear to more elegant pieces.


Name it the way you want and wear it the same way. It is up to you, be it an oversized top or comfy dress. Depending on a location, you can choose warmer or lighter fabrics, but since it is easy to match with other items, a good tunic will make you look elegant and sophisticated. Paired with leggings, it is a perfect combination for almost any type of social event, let alone chasing luggage on the airport.


You have plenty of those, so just make sure to pick the ones that are soft and in colors that are easy to combine with other items. A good t-shirt can look stylish if matched with proper accessory and a big scarf. Also, it is a great piece to wear underneath the clothes when it gets chilly.


Look Stylish While Traveling

Ah, the eternal Catch-22 since somehow we’re always short of a pair to look stylish while traveling, while they consume most packing space. Again, it is all about the destination, so if you are to visit a place with a colder climate, classic Chelsea boots are the way to go. However, warm weather demands light footwear, so instead of wearing your old sneakers, try combining comfortable Menorca sandals with any outfit and see how chic you can look.


Bring one or more because the scarfs have the magical powers of completely changing your appearance while concealing possible food stains and wrinkles. Scarfs are essential when traveling, not only because they add up on your stylishness, but simply because they are an extra layer that will make you feel warm and cozy. Use them as a pillow, disguise or accessory. It works perfectly.


Simple details like sunglasses and hats can dramatically change your look, so make sure to include them in your outfit. As far as jewelry goes, don’t go overboard. Simple few statement pieces will do. One pair of earrings, bracelet and a watch to wear every day is more than enough. Remember that you can buy new trinkets wherever you go.


To look stylish while traveling doesn’t take effort but good taste and a few clever choices. However, that also means being aware of different cultures and their standards. Keep in mind that little black dress, regardless of how cute and simple it is, can be quite an inappropriate outfit in some countries. Make sure to do your homework and research your planned destination to get acquainted with their values and lifestyle. Being respectful and polite can only add up to your style.

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