Top 6 Must Do Adrenaline Activities In Australia!

If you happen to be one of those select few who love taking part in activities that push your heart rate above the norm, then Australia is the place for you. Considered among pop culture to be a somewhat dangerous landscape, the land down under is home to a balance of both world class hospitality and harsh, unforgiving wilderness and wildlife. From some of the world’s biggest crocs, most dangerous snakes, driest of deserts and thickest of forests, Australia really has it all. And when it comes to activities that integrate this wild reputation, it very much sets the pace.

Here’s a taste of some of the best adventure activities Australia has to offer:

6 Top Australia Adventure Activities: Great white shark
Great white shark

6 Top Australia Adventure Activities

1. Dive With A Great White in South Australia

South Australia, home to a vast array of wineries, endless beaches, historical gems and scenic icons. And sharks, plenty of sharks. The coast of SA, also referred to as the Great Aussie Bight, is home to some of the world’s biggest and most dangerous fish, more commonly known as Great Whites. And what better way to avoid any danger and satisfy your need for adrenaline than to jump in a cage and experience the stupendousness of their existence. A no doubt rewarding and thrilling experience, the prospect of being in arms reach of one of mankind’s most feared predators is a perfect way to gratify your adventure quota and is another highlight ticked off the bucket list. With great whites sporting dimensions as big as 6m in length, here’s hoping the cages used for diving are nice and sturdy! If you’re keen to get your deadly shark fix while in SA, check out Adventure Bay Charters, the leaders in cage diving based out of Port Lincoln.

Crocodile, Kakadu
Crocodile in Kakadu: Photo David Denicolò / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

2. Never Smile At A Crocodile

Yes, another hectic creature that calls Australia home. Boasting both saltwater and freshwater capabilities, Australian crocodiles are the only living prehistoric creature – a forced to be reckoned with. If you’re looking to experience the Australian outback and visit Uluru and Kakadu, and want to source a high heart rate along the way, then you’re in luck. The local tourism provides a broad range of Croc Spotting activities. Measuring more than 5 metres and weighing almost half a tonne, it’s good idea to visit the toilet before setting sail.  If you’re not convinced of the level of severity involved, these tours come with warnings, which highlight that crocodiles in this area are prone to attacking people in boats or out, meaning it’s best to restrict the amount of smiles while on board.

Byron Bay Skydiving
Byron Bay Skydiving

3. High-Five and Skydive in Byron Bay

A region renowned for its lax vibes and casual culture, Byron Bay also happens to be the nation’s leader in extreme aerial sports and activities. With a range of parachuting, and paragliding options readily available, it’s hard to pass the world class and highly popular skydiving services the surf city offers. A more traditional and widely recognised adrenalin sport, skydiving is the perfect way to get the blood flowing and create a memory that would take a parachute malfunction to forget. To get a greater perspective from above and send the heart into an awe-inspiring state, check out Skydive Byron Bay, where packages start from $300.

White water rafting, North Johnston River
White water rafting, North Johnstone River

4. White Water Fever? Get Rafting On North Johnstone River

Located a few kilometres inland from the vibrant, world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, the North Johnstone river is home to one of the top 10, as voted by National Geographic, white water rafting spots. Floating swiftly on rapids while navigating through harsh and narrow gorges and steep declines, experience all the wrath and power nature has to offer. With rapids named “Mordor”, “Berlin Wall”, “Black Ass Fall”, “Mineshaft” and “Snake Falls”, the North Johnstone river encapsulates everything there is in extreme, adrenaline fuelled activities. If you’re keen to get wet and register a heart rate that would otherwise indicate unnatural beats per minute, head to the Cairns Visitor Centre for all necessary information.


5. 4WD

As expressed earlier, the landscape of Australia is full of harsh and overwhelming terrain. While at times challenging, on the flipside it’s ideal for 4WDriving and getting a taste of vehicular adventure. Whether you’re traversing the wilderness of Fraser Island, navigating the sands of the Simpson Desert or conquering the rocky patches of the Canning Stock Route, it’s safe to say Australia is built for 4WD’s. Not traditionally known for being overly exhilarating, you’d be surprised by the number of tourists who testify to 4WDriving’s capacity to produce exciting and adrenaline fuelled experiences. To find out more about the beckoning Australian subculture, check out 4WDriving Australia

These are just a few among many different activities available for the everyday adrenaline junkie seeking adventure and action. Whether in the sky, in the water, in close proximity to deathly creatures, or behind the wheel, Australia has it all. But before setting out on a heart thrilling voyage, be sure to check out some travel insurance services as it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

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