6 Tips On How To Plan Your Travel Budget

If you’ve worked hard and saved for the trip you started planning some time ago, you know how important it is to stick to your budget, both when organising the trip and while away. We all want to stretch our money out as far as possible and get the most out of it, which is why we need to spend it wisely. Below are six best tips on how to plan your travel budget and avoiding overspending that should help you have the holiday of your dreams.

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6 Tips on How to Plan Your Travel Budget

Make a travel budget

Just like with any other project that involves expenditure, it’s vital that you make a realistic budget and stick to it. Start writing down all the costs that you’ll have, including transport, accommodation and daily travel budget. Depending on the country you’re visiting, the amount needed can vary significantly, so make sure you have the correct data. We can’t stress enough the importance of having a budget and adhering to it, since you don’t want to find yourself without money before you return home.

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Slow travel

Although planes are probably the fastest way to get to your destination, it’s only if you book well in advance that you can get some cheaper fares. So, look at the alternatives, which include the train, coach or car-sharing when you plan your travel budget. You’ll probably be able to find better deals, which may be slightly less comfortable and quick, but are sure to save you some money that you can spend elsewhere. One of the best tips is to find overnight trains or coaches, so that you don’t have to pay for accommodation and still have a whole day in front of you to explore your destination.

Find affordable accommodation and boost your budget

Depending on the length of your stay, you have several inexpensive options, ranging from hostels to short- and long-term rentals. If you’re planning to visit several locations during your trip, make sure you book accommodation well in advance if possible. If that’s not an option, try to find some last-minute deals, which might turn out to be real bargains sometimes. When looking for a place to stay, take into account your needs and the time you’re going to spend in the room. It’s always a good idea to find a place with free Wi-Fi, since you can always spare an hour or so and make money online by completing surveys, for example. That way, you can boost your travel budget or get yourself out of trouble caused by reckless spending.

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Use public transport

This is always the cheapest option for travelling around a town or city. Look into the options offering daily or weekly tickets that cover several forms of transport. If you’re travelling in a group, check if there are any group or family discounts, since you can really save a lot of money if you opt for such offers. Don’t rely on hitchhiking, since it’s illegal in most countries and you also have to think about your safety, especially if you travel solo.

Eat where locals eat

Unless you’re visiting an exotic country, it’s usually pretty safe to follow in the footsteps of locals and choose the places where they eat, because they know where you can get the best food for affordable prices. There are probably some international fast-food chain restaurants almost everywhere in the world, but unless they have some really good deals, you’d be better off eating where locals eat.

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Street Food Market in Copenhagen, Denmark

Shop at the markets

Most seasoned travellers like to shop at local markets for cheap, but fresh food or some souvenirs. You can always find better offer there than in specialised stores. This is particularly important if your accommodation has a kitchen where you can cook. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to enjoy fresh meat and vegetables.

The tighter the budget, the more you have to stick to it. You don’t want your dream holiday to be spoilt because you either didn’t plan your travel budget well or because you failed to manage your funds properly. You don’t need to overspend to enjoy the experience you’ve been planning and saving for.

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