6 Tips for First-Time Airbnb Hosts

If you have a property you don’t use, an additional room, or plan to travel the world for a while, renting your unused space through Airbnb is a fantastic way to make some extra money and meet people from around the world. Becoming an Airbnb host is not the most difficult thing to do. But it is a business, and if you want it to be successful, there are a few things to consider. So, to make sure you do a great job, check out our 6 useful tips for first-time Airbnb hosts.

Accurate descriptions and photos

Home interior; first-time Airbnb hosts

Providing accurate, detailed descriptions and clear, beautiful pictures is crucial for first-time Airbnb hosts. So take your time when establishing your profile, and make sure you complete all the fields available.

I also advise you to use a friendly, informal voice to give your potential visitors a cozy feeling and make it easier for them to get an idea of your property. And when you upload photos, use only the best ones. Good pictures will attract guests, and this is what you want.

However, don’t use Photoshop or other apps to edit your photos. Any inaccurate information will only bring you bad reviews.

Communication is key

No matter what you do in life, communication is extremely important. And being an Airbnb host is no exception. Rapid, relevant and friendly responses are very important when communicating with your potential visitors.

Not only will communication make things easy for both you and the visitor, Airbnb search ratings take into consideration your response time, because this improves visitor experiences when booking. My advice is to reply within an hour of the potential visitor making contact.

Also, make sure your guests can contact you (or somebody else who is taking care of your business) if they have questions or something goes wrong.

Cleanness and a personal touch

Monochromatic white home interior; first-time Airbnb hosts

When we travel, we pay a lot of attention to how our hotel room or Airbnb accommodation looks. So if you want happy visitors, you have to make sure your house is always neat and clean. You can take care of this yourself or hire somebody else to do it.

In addition, to make your guests’ stay even better, add some fine touches to your home. Maybe put some fruit in the kitchen or add a bottle of wine with a special welcome note. A personal touch is important because it makes people feel at home, and so it helps you as well. Remember, this will appear in the reviews.

Comfort, a good kitchen and functional appliances

White kitchen with plants

In addition to cleanness, comfort is crucial. Imagine going on vacation and your accommodation being dirty and uncomfortable, without all the useful things you need. Your holiday will be compromised!

So, make sure you offer your guests clean sheets, towels, toilet paper, a good internet connection, and of course a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom with functional appliances. This means having a ventilator in the bathroom if there is no window, a fire duct in the kitchen, a kettle, a gas ring, even an oven if you can swing it.

Whether they want to use your kitchen or prefer eating out, it’s their business. Your job is to give them the possibility to enjoy your home like it’s their own.

Small things matter

Offering your visitors a great home to enjoy during their vacation will make you a great host. But you can do more for them and for your Airbnb business. Small things like giving them a map of the neighborhood or the city, information on transport, a list of local spots and restaurants and practical advice on how to behave and stay safe is a great way to emphasize their comfort.

Also, recommending local restaurants, bars, and shops and collaborating with local businesses is great not only for you and your visitors, but also for the economy of your city.

And if your guests need extra assistance, help them out. Do it for them but also for yourself, because you can charge a bit extra for additional services.

Don’t forget about the reviews

The more reviews you receive, the more guests you will have, and of course, the more money you will make.

To make sure your guests give you good feedback, provide great service. Also, review your visitors promptly, so they return the favor. And don’t be shy! Following their visit, ask for feedback. Tell them how valuable their thoughts are for future visitors to choose your home and for improving the guest experience you offer.

Good luck!

These are our six tips for first-time Airbnb hosts. As you can imagine, there are more things to consider while building this business. Of course, some of your actions will depend on your guests, where they come from, who they travel with and what requirements they might have.

Good luck, and don’t forget to be friendly and open! This is not only a fantastic business opportunity, but also a great way to meet amazing people and even make new friends.

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