6 Reasons Why You Should Take a Gap Year with Your Partner

Well, “gap year” is supposed to be that phase of your life when you set out on a self-seeking journey. You break from your routine to find yourself and your passion, and figure out what to do with your life. It’s that phase when people mostly choose to travel solo and learn to find a purpose for themselves. It’s a journey to know oneself better. But what if you take a gap year with your partner?

Couple holding hands on the beach at sunset. Gap year with your partner
Watching a beautiful sunset together…

Sounds interesting, right?!

Well, let me tell you that it’ll be incredible. It might turn out to be one of the craziest journeys of your life! Just think about it: you’ll be going to new lands together. You’ll see places you’ve always dreamed of with someone you’re willing to share your life with.

If you’re considering it, here are some good reasons to take a gap year with your partner!

You get to plan it out together!

Two minds are always better than one. You’ll soon figure that out as you start planning your long-term travel with your partner. It takes teamwork to choose destinations and activities. You’ll have equal roles to play in budgeting and planning flights and accommodation.

Try to fit in all you want to do, explore and sample cuisines you want to try. Tick off everything on your travel bucket list. It’ll be interesting to see how you agree and disagree. You might end up doing something of his choice and find out that you like it too!

You’ll always have your favorite person to talk to!

Communication is one of the most important pillars of a healthy relationship. What can be better than having your favorite person to talk to while you are in an unknown land? When you set out for a gap year abroad, there will be situations in which you’ll face uncertainties. You may get into trouble or stuck in a language barrier. But when you have someone with you, these problems aren’t so bad.

Your partner will be there to have your back and cheer you up in moments of distress. Also, you’ll never feel lonely! During a 20-hour train ride or 9-hour layover you’ll thank yourself for deciding to travel with your partner.

It’ll help you manage your finances!

Let’s be practical: your gap year will cost you. You need planning to keep finances under control and not go bankrupt! When you choose to travel with your partner, many of your expenses will be shared. This reduces the cost of traveling. You can stay at budget accommodations, share meals and take local transports (which might be difficult when traveling solo).

Also, you can trust the other person regarding the expenditures. You’ll both get to squeeze in all that you want to do, without compromising much. I’ve been traveling (rather backpacking) with my partner for the last couple of years. Trust me when I say I’ve learned amazing money-saving hacks while on the road!

You’ll get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses!

Couple holding a small child. Gap year with your partner
While volunteering in Nairobi with kids.

I never knew my partner had incredible bargaining skills until I saw him haggle with shopkeepers at a local market; we were in Siem Reap picking up souvenirs for the people back at home. Also, I was surprised to see how good he is with kids. He spent hours with the tiny tots at the childcare center in Nairobi where we were volunteering. On the other hand, I found he’s a little slow in paperwork and forms, which I could handle really fast. It’s only when you break free from your regular routines that you learn about the strengths and weaknesses that go unseen in daily life.

You’ll both understand the value of your “me time”!

You’ll be together 24/7 during this journey. There will be times when you want to be by yourself for a while. Maybe you want to read in a quiet corner or just to think and meditate. Your partner will surely understand and let you be on your own for the “me time” you deserve. This will keep you sane. You’ll be comforted knowing you partner is there, even though not present at the moment.

It’ll also give your partner time to do things they want to do on their own. Maybe go out for a cup of coffee and meet local people at a store. Or play football with the local kids and connect with them! This space will also help you realize your partner’s value in your journey. You’ll definitely end up wanting more time together. After your “me time” you’ll have insights to share with each other. I think this will enrich your journey.

Woman sitting at a cafe table and looking outside
People watching, all by myself – something I love doing while traveling!

You’ll be creating wonderful memories together!

What can be better than living some of the best days of your life with your favorite person? A gap year with your partner will endow you with endless memory-making opportunities. You’ll hop around the cities, make new friends and try new cuisines. You may try adventure sports, do meaningful volunteer work or learn a new language. The list is unending! You can have your first scuba diving experience in Australia together. Maybe you’ll witness the gorgeous sunsets while lazing around the beaches in Thailand. You can challenge yourselves on a high-altitude trek in Nepal! Imagine how wonderful it would be to live all those moments with your partner! Exciting already, isn’t it?

To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.”

For all those wanderlustful souls out there: if you’re thinking of traveling abroad, then convince your partner to travel along. You won’t regret it!

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