6 Unique and Fun Things to do in Bangkok at Night

Bangkok is one of the must-visit places in SouthEast Asia. The city also offers one of the best nightlife experiences in the world. If you are tired of clubbing, you will be happy to learn that there are many other fun things to do in Bangkok at night. Here are some of these activities:

Take a Boat Trip Along the Chao Phraya River 

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A great way to spend your night in Bangkok is by cruising the Chaophraya River. This river will show you all the sides of Bangkok. It is surrounded by luxury buildings, small huts, temples, and other interesting buildings. This is one of the most relaxing activities you can enjoy in Bangkok at night.

Visit Sky Bars in Bangkok 

In the middle of the night, you can ascend to the Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant, one of the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. This place offers a 360 degrees panoramic view of the city. An advantage of these rooftop bars is the fact that they get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You get to watch this chaos from a distance. This particular bar is spacious, so it never feels overcrowded.

Go Shopping in the Night Markets 

Night markets are a major part of Bangkok culture. You are bound to walk past at least one of these markets on any night stroll. One of the biggest night markets is the JJ Green Night Market. You can find all sorts of goods in these stalls, including baked goods and clothes. They also usually have a shoe-shining service. Some of these markets have sections with small bars where you can spend some time drinking before you go to bed. Shopping in these places late in the night can be interesting.

Cycling through the City 

Cycling through the City Pexels

At night, Bangkok is less crowded and less busy. You can enjoy riding around the city on a bike as you enjoy the silence. If you are nervous about going out on your own at night, you can organise the cycling event with some of your friends. Some good cycling routes in Bangkok are the Chaophraya River and the Lumpini Park.

Visit a Comedy Club 

 Stand-up Comedy Stage via Pexels

There are certain comedy clubs in Bangkok that are dedicated to people who perform in English. You can visit these clubs to enjoy a good laugh through the night. In these places, you will get to watch stand-up comedy acts, improvised comedy, and even more organised skits.

Visit the City’s Food Districts

Street Food in Bangkok via Pexels

Food districts are among the best things to see in Bangkok at night. In this city, business runs all through the night, so you can expect to find more than enough eateries. One of the best nighttime food districts is the Train Market. This market used to be located next to the train station, and it retained its name when the location was changed. The nighttime food districts serve special foods like fried insects, jumbo-sized noodles, and seafood.


There are many unique things to do in Bangkok at night waiting for you to explore. You can choose to dine in rooftop bars, go to the Bangkok National Museum, cycle through the city, visit the night markets, or even cruise through the Chaophraya River. If you want a good laugh, you can spend your night at the Bangkok comedy clubs.

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