6 Carnival Cruise Line Secrets You Need To Know

Cruise holidays can sometimes be a little baffling. It’s not always clear what options are available to you; and you can easily miss out on some awesome stuff if you’re new to cruising. But the more you sail, the more secrets you learn and the better your cruise holidays become. If you’re planning on setting sail with Carnival Cruise Line; here are 6 Carnival Cruise Line secrets to help you have an amazing time.

Carnival Cruise Line. Enjoy breakfast on your balcony with free room service
Enjoy breakfast on your balcony with free room service

Carnival cruise line tips and tricks

1. Consider Faster to the Fun

If you want to get on board as soon as possible; consider splurging out for Carnival’s Faster to the Fun Package. This added extra lets you board the boat early and get immediate access to your cabin where your luggage will be waiting for you. Normally you’re allocated a boarding time, then still have to wait for your luggage to appear and your cabin to be ready.

Carnival Cruise Line. Indulge in a gourmet burger for lunch for free
Indulge in a gourmet burger for lunch for free

2. Enjoy a free lunch at a speciality restaurant

Although all the speciality restaurants on Carnival cruise line have cover charges for dinner; some of them offer free lunches to guests without speciality dining packages. Restaurants which sometimes offer a free lunch menu include Guy’s Burger Joint, Ol’ Fashioned Barbeque, BlueIguana Cantina, Cucina del Capitano and JiJi’s Asian Kitchen.

3. Nibble samples at the Taste Bar

Not sure if you want to shell out for a speciality dining package? Visit the Taste Bar and try before you buy. This small dining venue offers bite-sized portions of dishes you’ll find in the speciality restaurants onboard your ship and across the fleet. Although the Taste Bars can sometimes be very small and hard to find, the nibbles are free and delicious, making it worth the effort of finding.

Carnival Cruise Line. Tuck into gluten-free pizza onboard
Tuck into gluten-free pizza onboard

4. Take advantage of gluten-free options

If you’re avoiding gluten, don’t think you’ve got to miss out on deliciousness like pizza and the heavenly bread basket. Carnival Cruise Line has loads of gluten-free options – even gluten-free beer! All you’ve got to do is ask your waiter or a buffet attendant what’s available.

5. Enjoy free room service

Although Carnival recently added a fee for some types of room service; you can still get a great selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and desserts delivered to your room for free between 6am and 10pm. The only exception to this is disembarkation days, when room service isn’t available at all.

Carnival Cruise Line. If you're not totally happy, you can get your money back
If you’re not totally happy, you can get your money back

6. Great Vacation Guarantee

In the extremely unlikely event that you don’t have a great time cruising with Carnival Cruise Line, there is something you can do about it. The company’s Great Vacation Guarantee means that as long as you let a member of staff know that you’re unhappy within 24 hours of departure; Carnival will refund you 110% of your fare and get you back home for free. You’ll also get $100 credit for a future Carnival cruise, if you decide to give them another try in the future. There are loads of terms and conditions, so check the Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee page before booking.

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