6 Must Visit Countries Every Tourist Should See Before 2018 Ends

Are you feeling exhausted from your hectic work routine? If yes, then it is time to plan for vacations; pack up your bags and fly to your favorite holiday destination. If you are bored of going to the same tourist destinations again and again; then this article will prove to be a much needed breath of fresh air. After reading this article, you will learn about some bucket list countries that most tourists don’t have on the radars; but they are worth a visit.

Top 6 Bucket List Countries to Travel

1. Bhutan

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Photo via Flicker: Gelay JamtshoCC BY-NC-SA 2.0

If you are a luxury traveler, then I am sure that you might have never thought about going to Bhutan let alone go to Bhutan. Did you know why? Because most luxury traveler has a common misconception that there are no five-star hotels, spas and other facilities. Unfortunately, that is not true, and a perception created by media that only highlights natural beauty and spirituality of Bhutan. Several 5-star hotels has propped up recently. You can find world class spas and well-trained staff. If you want to feel and touch spirituality, there is no better place to do that than Bhutan. Explore the culture and Buddhist philosophy.

2. New Zealand

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Photo via Unsplash: Paula May

New Zealand has never been seen as one of the bucket list countries to visit for tourists, but now it is attracting hordes of adventure loving fans from around the globe. From exploring country pristine topography to taking the Great Walk, you can both roam around one of country’s brilliant National Park or hike on a mountain. Take a three-hour trip to the north of Auckland and you will reach Bay of Island in North Islands.

You will find more than hundred islands dotting the bay. It is one of the best places for seeing penguins, whales, dolphins and merlin. You can also book a yacht and go for fishing. Don’t forget to visit a scenic Queenstown in South Island, especially if you are interested in bungee jumping, jet boating, white water rafting and more adrenaline pumping activities.

3. Malta

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Photo via Flickr: Luca Mauri / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The rich history of Malta shines brightly as soon as you step into the country. Everything from prehistoric temples to 16th century Cathedrals to 17th century forts, reflect its historical past. What has brought Malta in the limelight is its recent rise to the top due to Velletta’s efforts to make it European Capital of Culture for 2018. Add to that the arrangement of International Film Festivals and pop music concerts and it is slowly grabbing the attention of tourists. With a laid back lifestyle coupled with exotic beaches and round the year sunshine, it is one of the bucket list countries you must visit once in your life.

4. Egypt

bucket list countries. Karnak in Egypt,temple
Karnak Temple in Egypt via Unsplash: Ali Hegazy

There are few ancient civilizations that has a much bigger impact on the world than Egyptian civilization. Egypt is a heaven for history and archeological fans as it has many ancient structures that will keep you interested. Apart from the famous Pyramids at Sophinx; Giza, the Luxor temples, port city of Alexandria and River Nile will all keep you happy. Just like desert safari Dubai tour and dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, you can enjoy a desert safari and book a cruise and float in Mediterranean Sea in Egypt too.

5. Portugal

bucket list countries. Aveiro in Portugal
Aveiro in Portugal via Unsplash: Ricardo Resende

How can a list of tourist attraction be complete without mentioning a country from Europe? Well it can’t. Portugal has always played second fiddle to more popular tourist attractions such as France, Italy but now it has become a center of attraction of tourists from around the globe snatching the crown from its neighbor Spain. This is party due to its history, art, culture and cuisine.

Many artistic museums have popped up in the country in recent years, which has attracted art lovers towards it. The burgeoning microbrewery scene and its rocking chefs have made waves throughout the country. Combine all that with affordability and its natural wonders and you can clearly see why everybody is interested in visiting Portugal lately. With hundreds of white sandy beaches, clear blue skies and crystal blue waters, you are in for a treat if you are a beach person.

6. South Korea

South Korea via Unspalsh: Ciaran O’Brien

If you want to see the modern side of Asia, you must pay a visit to South Korea. Skyscrapers dot the majestic skyline of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. The newly opened, state of the art Seoul-lo-7017, a modern park with bars, cafes and libraries which is located on an elevated highway. With a successful show at the Winter Olympics, it has managed to gain some acceptance amongst tourists. You can experience the best of both worlds in South Korea; where you can see mountains as well as enjoy night life in urban centers.

Get a view of the city from the N Seoul Tower, explore the history and art in Gyeongbokgung, indulge in eclectic shopping and enjoy a casual dinning experience, spend some time on verdant island called Namiseom or take adventure filled rides, taste good food and a zoo in Everland. There are many palaces and Buddhist temples that are worth your time and attention.

Which bucket list countries you are heading to this year and why? Feel free to share your picks with us in the comments section below.

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