6 Best Mosaic Destinations to Visit

From down under to New York City, spectacular mosaics, reflecting local styles and traditions, offer design concepts and patterns that will add flair and color to liven up your home. In fact, there are so many stunning examples of mosaics that it is hard to narrow it down to a list of best mosaic destinations.

Mosaic dates back to antiquity and is still popular today. Using the technique of applying the pieces, known as tesserae, to an adhesive surface, mosaics have been used throughout time and space to decorate interiors and exteriors. You will find mosaic tiles can be used widely; to decorate floors and walls; to create three-dimensional objects and sculptures; or to depict images such as religious scenes in houses of worship. If you are planning to remodel your home and looking for inspiration, be sure to check out the many impressive mosaics of the world.

Best Mosaic Destinations, Spiral Mosaic Staircase
Spiral Mosaic Staircase

Here are some of the best mosaic destinations where you can find interesting mosaics that may spark your imagination and wake up the designer in you:

6 Best Mosaic Destinations Around The World

1. Nambucca Heads, Australia

Street mosaic art makes the streets of Nambucca Heads fantastic and fun. Located in front of the police station is a 50 meters long mosaic mural entitled “Fish and Chips,” which depicts dolphins, octopus, and fish.

Best Mosaic Destinations. Fish and Chips mosaic in Nambucca.
Fish and Chips mosaic in Nambucca. Photo by Anne and David via Flickr

Created from mosaic glass tiles, pottery, and china, and built by artist Guy Crosley. This mural might inspire a design for a children’s bedroom or playroom. It is reflected in today’s Australian interiors, which combine contemporary designs and colors found in street art with tribal patterns, rustic colors, and soft textures.

2. New York, USA

Best Mosaic Destinations. Jefferson Street Subway, New York
Jefferson Street Subway, New York

One place to start looking for inspiration through mosaics is in the New York City subway system. You will find elaborate mosaic signs naming the stations. A delightful Alice in Wonderland series made out of glass tiles by artist Liliana Porter at the 50th Street station; and Michele Brody’s colorful mandalas at the Allerton Avenue station. Bringing life and color to the otherwise dull underground commute. These images have influenced interior design trends in the city, which can be seen in the inclusion of bright colors and patterned wallpapers.

Best Mosaic Destinations. Mosaic in Strawberry Fields. Central Park - John Lennon’s memorial
Mosaic in Strawberry Fields. Central Park – John Lennon’s memorial

Bringing motifs, designs, patterns, and colors from the world’s best mosaic destinations into your home is a fantastic way to liven up any space. The addition of color can add an artistic feel to otherwise plain floors, walls, bathrooms, patios, and bedrooms.

3. Marrakech, Morocco

Best Mosaic Destinations. Recognizable Moroccan Architecture.
Recognizable Moroccan Architecture

If you are interested in intricate mosaic designs, Marrakech is a fantastic choice. Morocco is known for its use of a special form of mosaic called Zellige or Zellij. These tiles are handmade and arranged in beautiful geometric formations.

The Bahia Palace, built in the late nineteenth century, provides a spectacular example of this special art form. It is not surprising that Moroccan styles are influencing interior design trends all over the world, with the incorporation of geometric forms inspired by the Zellige mosaic patterns. You can’t go wrong if you spice a part of your home with a splash of Moroccan culture. These tile patterns are eye catchy and will bring life to your bedroom, bathroom, or floors.

4. Da Lat City, Vietnam

Vietnamese architecture. Best Mosaic Destinations.
Vietnamese architecture

Known as “the city of eternal spring,” Da Lat City, Vietnam boasts some famous mosaic work. The Linh Phuoc Pagoda’s exterior is coated almost entirely in a mosaic made from broken pottery and glass. There you will also find an enormous dragon made from broken bottles. Da Lat City architecture combines elements of European and Asian design.

Current trends in interior design in Vietnam reflect Japanese minimalism, emphasizing light and nature, and interior designs are executed with superior craftsmanship.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best Mosaic Destinations. Santa Teresa stairs in Rio.
Santa Teresa stairs in Rio

The incredible mosaic work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will have you mesmerized with its color, detail, and scale. Especially impressive are the Santa Teresa steps, created by artist Jorge Selarón. They are covered with over 2000 colorful tiles made from glass, mirrors, and ceramics, many of which are hand painted by the artist. Selarón dedicated his life to this project, which has become iconic in the city.

At the Copacabana beach, you will find a mosaic of black and white stones arranged into a wave pattern. The beauty of the majestic staircase and the simplicity of the stone sidewalk are reflected in the color, texture, and contrast that characterize many contemporary Brazilian interiors.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Best Mosaic Destinations. Park Guell in Barcelona.
Park Guell in Barcelona

A discussion of must-see mosaics of the world would be incomplete without mention of Barcelona with its Spanish and Catalán cultural influences. The mosaics of world-renowned architect and artist, Antoni Gaudi, can be found at Parc Güell, the municipal garden, and throughout the city. Benches and sculptures, including the Lizard made out of colorful glass tiles and ceramics, adorn the park.

The Casa Batlló, with its exterior mosaic of broken ceramics and glass tiles and textured tile roof, is also not to miss.

Gaudi’s buildings, located throughout the city, are works of art in themselves that continue to influence and inspire design trends throughout the world.

Tiled stairs modeled on the Santa Teresa steps of Brazil might add a sense of adventure to your home. Area “rugs” made from tiles can be used to demarcate space; to add a unique style; and might even be a great solution for homes with small children and pets, prone to staining expensive carpets.

From wall borders to outdoor patios, fireplaces to benches, the possibilities of incorporating designs inspired by mosaics are endless. So go out and explore these best mosaic destinations and have fun!

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