6 Travel Hacks That Will Make You a Pro Backpacker

Traditional vacations and travel plans aren’t considered as fun as they used to be. Carrying around all that luggage and going from hotel to hotel doesn’t feel very dynamic. Backpacking has proven itself to be a great alternative for younger travelers who want to see the world in its raw form. If you’re looking to step into this world, here are some backpacker travel hacks that will make it easier.

The actual backpack

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The first thing you want to look for before you go backpacking is an actual backpack. High-quality backpacks aren’t cheap, but they can last you quite a while. You should do your research in order to prevent wasting your money on something that isn’t worth it.

There are a couple of different factors to consider when buying a backpack. For starters, you want it to be big enough to fit all of your travel clothing and items. The size depends entirely on how long your trip is. If it’s going to last a couple of days, you should opt for a medium backpack of about 40 liters. For longer travels, you should look into getting one in the 50- to 70-liter range.

Quality is something your backpack can’t go without. If it falls apart during your trip, you’re going to end up in some uncomfortable situations. The straps should be sturdy and somewhat flexible, in order to allow you to stay comfortable during long walks.

Get good walking shoes

While you might travel by plane or train every once in a while, it’s very likely that you’re going to spend most of your time walking. Even if you use all the transportation methods available to you, you’ll still explore cities and go on hikes on foot. For this, you’re going to need some comfortable shoes. Your legs will get tired and sore a lot quicker if you don’t have the appropriate footwear. Walking shoes are a great option because they give you comfort and great stability, which can help you if you like going on hikes through uneven terrain.

Keep your phone charged

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Phones are an essential tool in the modern traveler’s toolkit. With just a wifi connection, you can use your phone for absolutely anything. Things like booking a hotel become as simple as pressing a button. However, most smartphones don’t last too long after being charged. You might think your trusty charger will help during international trips, but you could be setting yourself up for failure. Remember that not every country has the same type of electric outlet. Keep a versatile adapter on your person at all times so you don’t end up with no phone when you need it most is first among backpacker travel hacks.

Pick practical clothes

When you go traveling, you probably don’t bring your whole wardrobe along with you. There’s not going to be enough room in your backpack for 10 percent of your clothes. Because of this, you need to pack smart. Certain pieces of clothing are essential during your travels. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of a rainstorm without anything that’s waterproof. A jacket might come in handy in these situations.

Make comfort your priority

Traveling isn’t easy for our joints. If you tend to travel by train or plane, you might have noticed that these transportation methods can do a number on your back and neck. When you arrive at your destination, you’re hardly in the mood for exploring from the pain and discomfort.

To avoid this inconvenience, make sure your neck is well-relaxed. Companies like Relax For Life can help you pick the right solution for long trips. If you’re not laying your head on a comfortable pillow, you should get the next best thing. A compact massager will keep your neck relaxed during those long traveling periods between large cities.

Clear the cookies on your device

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Airline companies do a lot of shady things online. When you’re buying an airplane ticket online, you have to be aware of some of their tricks before you decide to make the purchase. Sometimes, airlines will start recording your visits to their websites by using cookies. When you come back to the website later, the prices will be higher than you remember and your memory isn’t fooling you.

The airlines jack up the prices in order to influence the way you buy plane tickets. On one hand, if you’ve visited the website multiple times, it’s very likely that you’re more motivated to buy the ticket. This leads them to believe that they can inflate the price. On the other hand, it also encourages impulse buying. The first price you see could be the best possible price to get for the flight, which is why some people decide to buy.

By clearing the cookies on your browser, you’re preventing the airline from overcharging you for no reason.


Backpacking is a great way to get acquainted with the countries and cities you are visiting. Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult for first-time travelers to adapt to this kind of trip. If you follow some of these backpacker travel hacks, you’ll find your vacation will be just as comfortable and satisfying as any other trip.

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