50 fascinating facts about the ocean

When you think about the oceans, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the sheer size, which covers over 71% of the world’s surface. For some, the oceans mean travel and adventure. The oceans provide plenty of places to visit and explore, all over the world. The ocean is so vast that it has been separated into 5 individual oceans, all of which provide unbelievable beaches, snorkelling and diving opportunities for travellers. Did you know that 1% of the ocean floors are covered in coral reefs?

50 Fascinating Facts about the Ocean

The Indian Ocean, which is the third largest ocean on the planet is home to some of the most incredible destinations for travellers including; The Seychelles, which is where you will find amazing creatures such as the coconut crab and giant tortoises. The Maldives, which is another island that provides unbelievable scuba diving opportunities. You might see giant manta rays as well as a vast array of marine life. Madagascar can also be found in the Indian Ocean and has some incredible wildlife not only in the water, but also on land.

50 Fascinating Facts about the Ocean
50 Amazing Facts About the Ocean

If you are looking for a colder adventure, then travelling up north to the Arctic Ocean is a magnificent spot. The smallest out of the 5 oceans, you can have the opportunity to sail around Spitsbergen, to go polar bear and walrus spotting. If you want to see icebergs, then heading to Greenland’s east coast is the perfect place to travel. Did you know that 7% of the oceans are covered in sea ice and that 90% of an iceberg is submerged below the level of water?

Some of the most sort-after experiences for any travellers are based in or around the oceans. The Galapagos islands, off the coast of Ecuador, provide the most amazing sites both on land and in the ocean for example, diving with hammerhead sharks at ‘Gordon Rocks’ or visiting the habitat of the giant tortoises in Tortuga Bay on the main island of Santa Cruz. You can even enjoy a leisurely wildlife cruise around the islands and swim with the penguins and sea lions.

Scuba diving is another pastime for travellers and learning to dive at the Great Barrier Reef, is certainly a must. Did you know that you can actually see the Great Barrier Reef from the moon?

The largest ocean out of the 5, is the Pacific Ocean, which is approximately the same size as all of the land on earth, put together. This ocean is home to over 25,000 islands, there are adventures to be had everywhere. From discovering Fiji’s traditions to seeing the land-divers on Vanuatu. Another amazing adventure that should be experienced by everyone, is the ability to swim with the ‘stingless’ jelly fish in Palau.

If you love the ocean and all the creatures that live under the waves, then whale watching in the Azores might be the perfect option for you. The Azores islands are a region, governed by themselves, in the Portugal area. These islands form an archipelago within the mid-Atlantic Ocean. The Azores Islands are known for their phenomenal landscapes, miles of green fields and their fishing villages. In addition; whale watching, hiking, surfing and diving are all activities that you can enjoy. If the Azores Islands were not on your list of places to visit, then it certainly should be.

The oceans have so much to offer and you will find adventure in every corner of the globe. If you would like to learn some more about the world’s oceans, then take a look at the infographic below, created by divein.com. This will leave you stunned at how much we know about the oceans. It is crazy to think that researchers and marine biologists have only explored 5% of the world’s oceans…

50 Fascinating Facts About the Ocean
50 Fascinating Facts About the Ocean

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